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Pitch Deck Necessities: The 3 Things Your Presentation Should Always Have

What makes a successful pitch deck?

Is it the speaker that makes it more effective? The way they speak and present themselves in front of a crowd? Or is it the PowerPoint that is sure to leave your audience in awe?

The short, definitive answer is that for a sales presentation to be successful, you need to devote time and effort to get both right.

Here at SlideGenius, we specialize in presentation design. Since 2012, we’ve helped more than 3,000 clients. In fact, we’re the world’s leading presentation design firm.

We know what it takes to make a pitch deck that works.

If you want to know the three things that make a killer pitch deck, here are the fundamentals that should never be left out:

Address the Problem

Ideas for new products and services stem from issues that need to be addressed. With a sales pitch, you can present this new concept and see if it piques the interest of potential investors and customers. But to be successful, you need to really understand the problem you’re looking to solve.

Showcasing a winning pitch deck

Not everyone you’re pitching to will understand the problem. Many investors may not know anything about it. You need to make it clear to them, help them feel the pain of those dealing with this problem.

Show situations where your product could help in a significant way. If your presentation is using bullet points, make sure you’re not filling the slide with it. After all, context can help with the bigger picture. When using images, remember that it must be relevant to what you’re talking about.

Pitch Your Solution

Once you’ve made your audience realize how your product or service can help them, the next challenge would be illustrating why it’s worth investing in and why they should choose you over other companies. Your potential investor knows there’s a problem. So why would they trust your brand to solve it?

Point out the unique aspects of what you’re doing make you stand out. Pitch the facets that you are most excited about. Genuine emotion inspires confidence. You know this opportunity better than they do. If you’re not jumping out of your socks, they’ll look for investment opportunities elsewhere.

Address these things early in the pitch and build on them throughout the middle portion of your pitch deck.

Statistics provide clear, quantifiable evidence of the benefits you’re offering. A study can establish legitimacy. Surveys or testimonials demonstrate social authority, the idea that it’s a safe investment based on the reception of others.

Customers want to know how your offering will help make their lives easier. This will tell them that you’re offering a solid investment opportunity.

End Your Pitch Deck with Dollar Signs

The first two parts of any good pitch deck can be very visceral, emotional, even abstract dependent upon what you’re doing. But by the end you need to be ready to talk about finances. Every potential investor or customer needs to know the value.

Every presentation is an opportunity to grow

For investment decks, this will look like your predicted revenue, timelines, and use of funds. The more they believe you know what you’re doing and that you’ve done it before, the easier it will be for them to make that decision.

For sales decks, discuss your pricing structure, guarantees or delivery fees, cost versus savings. If they can see the money they will have in the long run and not the money they are parting with now, it will be easier for your presentation to drive sales.

Your Presentation Must Be Perfect

Just because you’ve filled all your slides with the necessary information doesn’t mean it’ll fly with your audience the first time. Practice—unless the design and words are stellar, your delivery will struggle.

The content of your pitch deck must be clear, concise, and coherent for it to be considered a success. Combine that with tasteful design and a confident speaker, and you’re ready to go.

At SlideGenius, we help you do exactly that.

We provide copywriting and presentation design services to clients worldwide. We’ve helped more than 3,000 brands tell their stories and raise hundreds of millions of dollars in investments and sales.

If you need help perfecting your pitch deck, we’re only a call away!

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Building the Explainer Video Your Advertising Agency Needs

Explainer videos are excellent tools for advertising agencies to attract new partnerships. As internet-based channels are becoming the dominant marketing platforms, consumers are eager for original content that engages them directly.

Explainers allow you to influence potential clients by educating them on specialties of your agency in an easy-to-understand format.

At SlideGenius, we’ve collected some of the best minds in writing to aid our clients to tell their story better. When it comes to making explainer videos, we know what it takes to make it a complete success.

Challenges of Advertising

As the trends and habits of consumers are constantly changing, the advertising industry is in constant flux. Agencies around the world all offer creative minds. What makes yours any different? The need to stand out matters more than ever.

Explainer videos are useful in differentiating your agency from the competition. Within your own terms, you showcase how your brand of creativity is unique and makes an impact in today’s market. A well-executed video can be used to sell your services across different industries.

Here are some ideas on how to make an effective explainer video.

Keep Your Explainer Videos Short

The best explainers hit a sweet spot of one to two minutes long. You don’t have to overexplain every single facet about your business. That’s just a recipe for total boredom. Keep your script focused on the essentials. Be mindful of what your audience should remember about your company. It’s crucial in attracting new clients to concisely explain your solutions without making it feel tedious to sit through.

A finely made script enables you to conceptualize meaningful visuals that will complement your message. This fluidity between audio and visuals will keep viewers engaged without overloading them with low-value information. Having content that’s direct helps consumers get up-to-speed on the effective solutions your company provides.

Explanations Should Be Direct

The introductory section of your video is central to connecting with your audience. Make your message clear within the first 30 seconds to hook them into what you offer.

You can start by proposing a thought-provoking problem or question. This helps spark the interest of your audience. Something like “What causes disruptions in advertising these days?” or “How does content go viral?”

Contextualizing your message with a problem engages your audience by stimulating their curiosity. It’s a subtle indication of where your content is going.

This connection you establish early on will be what guides your message throughout the rest of the video. If you don’t catch the interest of your audience early, you risk losing their attention completely.

Emphasize the Expertise of Your Agency

Your customer will come into your video wanting to know what makes your agency special. But don’t expect them to figure that out on their own. Being clear and concise makes it easier for clients to understand how you do work.

The meat of your video should showcase your agency’s expertise. But better than simply listing your services, use explainer videos to illustrate how you’ve helped businesses succeed through your creativity. Clients want to know how they profit from choosing you as their advertising partner.

Keep the language fun. This gives you plenty of creative freedom to create captivating visuals. Avoid using too much industry jargon to keep your message accessible to a wide audience of potential clients.

Tell Them What to Do Next

Close out your video with a tactically written call-to-action. Your CTA will be what changes an interested viewer into a valued partner. Don’t be afraid to brag a bit. Your advertising expertise is something to be proud of. Some clients need an extra push to fully understand how special your agency can be for their business.

A killer explainer video should build awareness for your company. Knowledge is power. The more information you provide your customer, the more power you give them to partner up with your agency. Arresting visuals are sure to grab the attention of your audience, but it’s the script that must invite them in to learn more and take action.

Turn to SlideGenius for Professional Explainer Videos

Are you too busy running your business to make an explainer video? You’re not alone. Countless people have turned to us for exactly this kind of help. Since 2012, we’ve helped over 3,000 clients increase their business with our services.

We create effective presentation materials, from PowerPoints to animated videos, thanks to the help of our design geniuses. We help our clients boost their sales and engagement. Our success is measured by the business developments our clients earn through the materials we create.

We’ve helped thousands of clients succeed in generating bigger business and we can help you, too.

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Explainer Videos: Building Your Manufacturing Business

Creating an engaging explainer video can attract new customers to the unique services of your manufacturing business. As internet-based channels are becoming the dominant marketing platforms, consumers are eager for original content that speaks to them directly.

These videos allow you to influence the purchasing decisions of consumers by providing them with all the information they need in an easily understood format.

Since 2012, we at SlideGenius having been collecting the greatest minds in writing and the written word to help our clients tell their story better. That means when it comes to making an explainer video, we know what you need to make it a success.

Challenges of Marketing Manufacturing 

Marketing for a manufacturer has its unique challenges. The decision to hire a manufacturing company does not come from a singular consumer, but a committee of executives that represent multiple levels of a business. This makes targeting the content complicated.

Explainer videos are useful in addressing various audiences with informative and engaging content. They can help to get everyone on the same page. A well-executed video presents a complicated idea in a way that’s shareable across all levels of business.

Here are some ideas on how to make an effective explainer video.

Keep Explainer Videos Short 

The sweet spot for your explainer is around the two-minute mark. Maybe even slightly before.

You don’t want to overexplain and leave your audience bored to tears. Stick to the essentials of what you want your audience to remember. It’s crucial in attracting new clients to clearly explain all relevant information without making it feel tedious.

A tightly written script gives you the space to present meaningful visuals that complement your message. This fluid blend of audio and visuals will keep viewers engaged throughout the video without overloading them with unnecessary information. Content that’s readily digestible makes it easier to get all kinds of consumers up-to-speed on the cutting-edge services your company brings to the table.

Video Explanations Should Get to the Point

The beginning of your video is crucial in creating a connection with your audience. Make your message clear within the first 30 seconds. 

You can start by proposing a thought-provoking problem or question. This sparks the interest of your audience. Something like “What’s the fastest way to get machine parts manufactured?” or “Is AI the future of manufacturing?”  Engaging your audience with a question effectively grabs their attention and preludes the direction of the video.

The connection you establish will guide your audience’s expectations throughout the rest of the video. If you don’t catch their interest early on, you risk losing their attention for the rest of the video.

Offer Your Manufacturing Solution

Once you have your audience hooked, move directly onto breaking down your services. This will be the real meat of your video. The key here is to be both concise and informative. You want people to know more about your company, without making them feel like you wasted their time. Avoid overly complicated features and topics that may dilute your overall message.

This is your chance to show-off what separates your services from the rest of the pack. Keep the language fun so that you have more room for creative visuals to fill the screen and captivate your audience’s attention. Speaking in layman’s terms keeps your message accessible to a wide audience of potential clients.

Emphasize the Benefits of Your Manufacturing 

“Why do I care?” Your customer is asking themselves this exact question every time they see something new. Don’t expect them to figure it out. Make it easy for them.

The purpose of an explainer video is to inform. Instead of just listing the features of your services, use explainer videos to illustrate how businesses can benefit from partnering with you. You can promise fast delivery times, personalized customer service or the means for mass production. Clients just want to know how they profit from choosing you as their manufacturer.

Focusing on the benefits of your service creates a clearer idea for your visuals to unfold. Relatable scenarios showcase your services at work. This makes it easier for potential clients to imagine how they’ll utilize your service. The faster clients come to a decision, the better.

End with a Strong Call-to-Action 

At the end of your video, hook your audience with a strong closing-thought. Your CTA convinces your audience to learn more about your company and solutions. Don’t be afraid to inject a bit of FOMO (fear of missing out) to get them subconsciously invested in your products. This is what maintains the connection you’ve built throughout the video, even after it has finished.

A killer explainer video builds awareness of your company. Knowledge is power. The more your customer knows, the more empowered they are to give you their business. Arresting visuals are sure to grab the attention of audiences, but it’s the script that must engage them to learn more. Showcasing your business in an understandable manner sends a clear message of expertise and authenticity.

Turn to SlideGenius for Professional Explainer Videos

Writing an effective script and animating a video is not something you can learn to do overnight. If you’re busy running your business, reach out and let us do the creative work for you.

We create meaningful presentation materials using our design expertise. We love to assist our clients in increasing their sales and engagement. Our success is measured by the achievements our clients earn through our partnership.

We’ve helped our over 3,000 clients raise hundreds of millions of dollars and we can help you, too.

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Explainer Video: Building Your Software Business

An explainer video is the perfect tool for helping people see the value of your software. These videos show how it works and envision themselves using it.

At SlideGenius, our designers create unbelievable presentation materials from PowerPoint to animated videos. Explainer videos are an area of expertise for us. We dissect the unique stories of our clients to craft materials that showcase their solutions and help them drive better business. 

Marketing Software to People Who Don’t Get It 

Software companies have to fight for just a small spot in a crowded market. They have the heavy task of effectively educating consumers… many of whom struggle with technological subjects.

Digital video marketing has become an essential strategy for software businesses to spread relevant information about new solutions. Content that’s educational, visually engaging and digestible makes it easier to get consumers up-to-speed on the cutting-edge tech your company brings to the table.

In the tech business, explainer videos are effective in illustrating all the ins-and-outs of a solution in a quick and shareable format. A well-executed video can take a sophisticated solution and present it in a way that’s understandable to the common consumer.

Here are some tips on what makes an effective explainer video.

Take the Ego Out 

A lot of people make the mistake of overemphasizing their back story. Time after time, people set out to explain how their company came to be instead of just simply making their value clear to their prospective clients.

If you run a company or have developed a revolutionary software, you are probably pretty proud of that fact. Odds are, your story is extensive and worth telling. The truth is, there are two kinds of clients: those who need to solve a problem and those who don’t care about your origin story. (Spoiler alert, there’s a lot of overlap between these two.)

Get to the point. If you’re looking to draw in professionals, you need to respect their time. Save your company’s story for a different video.

Don’t Be Vague, But Don’t Be Overly Technical, Either 

Even if you’re selling within your own industry, jargon should be kept to a minimum. A handful of industry-specific terms is great. But sentences packed with niche terminology and acronyms can complicate even the most straightforward message.

Acronyms, for example, can be a great way of fitting an idea into a small space. But the mind still has to unfurl the meaning. While even the sharpest mind is unpacking one acronym, a second one closely thereafter creates a bit of a traffic jam. The copy is now moving faster than the mind. Pick which acronyms are most important and stick with them. Consider it a thematic choice.

Similarly, industry terms can be an authentic way to establish authority on a given subject. However, too many close together can jeopardize the clarity of the message. A consumer doesn’t want to think about whether your software will work for them. They want to know it works while they consider the perks.

Diluting your message in this way makes that less likely.

The Sky is Falling 

Never lie. But you shouldn’t hesitate to discuss the worst-case scenario your potential customer is facing. Help make their problem clear.

The problem is driving them to discover what your software can do for them. Explainer videos aren’t considered “commercials” in the typical sense, but everything you pay to produce should be made with consideration for its return. The more catastrophic the problem is, the more eager they are to learn about how your app is going to make that problem go away.

Time and time again, though, people are afraid of catastrophizing. “The status quo isn’t that bad,” they’ll rationalize. You need to see your product as superb, as a vital solution to a problem. Without clearly creating what that problem is, your explainer video is little more than trivia.

Tell Them What to Do Next 

At the end of your video, hook your audience with a strong closing-thought. People don’t want to think. You need to clearly tell them what to do with the information you just presented. Don’t be afraid to be too pushy. How pushy can you really be in a five-second window?

Tell the viewer what their next actions should be. It can make the difference between someone who found your video informative and your next customer.

Let SlideGenius Do the Work for You 

If this all sounds daunting, that’s okay. At SlideGenius, our team has been helping people improve their videos and increases their income for years. We’ve helped over 3,000 clients raise hundreds of millions of dollars.

Don’t stress or let the work pile up. Reach out to us and let us make the video for you. We can even write the script. All you have to do is reach out.

Contact us today! 

What Makes a Killer Sales Presentation?

Sales presentations play a crucial role in growing your business. Having a well-crafted deck is an absolute must in landing new buyers, business partners, and investors.

However, despite the proven results of good presentations, many professionals still idly neglect the effort to make an effective sales deck.

At SlideGenius, we’ve worked with many of the world’s biggest companies. We know what makes a successful sales presentation. Having spent years creating decks that bring out the very best qualities of companies like yours, we know a little something about motivating clients to start buying ASAP.

Here are some tips on how to transform an ordinary deck into a sale-generating machine:

Bring Storytelling into Your Sales Presentation  

Who doesn’t love a good story? In the complex world of sales, stories can leave lasting impressions on clients even more than facts. Statistics often lack context. Stories provide the context that make statistics real. A good PowerPoint presentation is the summer blockbuster of the business world.

Your presentation’s story tells your audience how you can help them be the hero. More than wanting to know the hard data, they want their problems to be solved in some amazing way, their performance to improve beyond belief. Your presentation shows them how your company will make that happen. This will help clients relate with your business on an emotional level.

Consider the three-act structure when building your PowerPoint. The first act is your introduction. It is where compelling problems are raised to contextualize and dramatize your presentation. These should be problems fine-tuned to be recognizable by your intended office. If they don’t feel the pain by the end of the first act of your presentation, they won’t connect to the story.

The second act of your presentation is your where things change, how you help your potential customer defeat this problem. Detail how your business solves the problems established in the introduction. Try pairing your solutions with real life scenarios to clearly illustrate the effects your business creates.

The third act is a strong call to action, how everything in your story begins. You’ll want to discuss financials. If this is an investor deck, talk about projected revenue and your milestones. If this is a sales pitch, discuss your pricing model and guarantees. Above all, know what action you want this person to take next and tell them to do it.

People retain information better with context. Developing the story of your presentation creates that context.

Be Smart with Your Words  

Your choice of words says a lot about who you are. But how much you say determines how much people listen.

Don’t fill your deck with too much information. It’s hardly engaging when your audience is spending most of their time mentally interpreting all the information you’re spewing. Give your key points some room to be properly understood. It will allow you to speak at a controlled pace, making it easier to guide your audience as the presentation progresses.

Well executed sales presentations will boost your business

A tightly written deck also gives you the space to inject impactful visuals into your slides. Some clients may have difficultly visualizing what you are offering. Do that job for them. Pairing your content with the right visual aid will effectively amplify your message while also raising retention rates.

Design Brilliantly   

Simple PowerPoint designs can deliver the biggest impact. We’ve all seen slides that are jam packed. When things start to look too cramped, don’t be afraid to break up the information into multiple slides. This gives your content room to breathe. Overcomplicating designs only creates unnecessary clutter, thus jeopardizing the clarity of your message.

Consider the color, layout, and imagery of your slides as amplifiers to your message. Striking visuals will always be more memorable than bland blocks of text. You can make bits of information easier to understand by translating them into tables or graphs. Having more visually oriented slides also removes the crutch of “script-reading”, a common mistake that happens when presentations are text heavy.

This doesn’t come easily for everyone. In order to get the job done right the first time, it may be best to hire someone. Professional help with your sales presentation can be both affordable and tremendously beneficial in terms of your long-term investment.

SlideGenius Creates Sales Presentations for You

When your work starts to pile up, and you just don’t have the time for it all, let SlideGenius take care of designing your next sales presentation! Whether it’s an animated marketing video, or a PowerPoint presentation, we deliver professionally crafted pitch materials that will help your business grow.

Our work is possible thanks to our phenomenal team of designers, writers, and animators. We’ve worked with over 3,000 clients, honing our design skills to always create exciting presentations that are consistent with unique standards.

The work we do has helped our clients raise hundreds of millions of dollars for their businesses. The achievements earned by our clients are our measures of success. Together, let’s bring your company up to brand new heights! Reach out now to get a free quote on how we can help.

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