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3 Reasons to Get Professional “HELP!” with Your Sales Presentation

Your sales presentation is a reflection of your brand. For all the people who feel like they really “get” PowerPoint, few do. When you’re standing in front of a prospective customer, is that when you want it to be clear you don’t get it as much as you thought? If it’s clear to your customer that you’re unaware of what makes a quality presentation, they may wonder if you understand what makes a quality project.

Creating a winning sales presentation takes more work than most people realize. We’ve all experienced a “bad” presentation, either as the audience or presenter. Let’s consider some of the most common red flags. Basic themes. Crowded slides. An overabundance of useless information that you think is vital.

These things can be hard to identify yourself. They’re difficult for friends or co-workers to advise on.

At SlideGenius, we help people like you. We have seen a lot of rough presentations that people have poured their heart into. We know what it takes to bring a presentation from where it is to where it needs to be.

Many people we speak to are looking for help but aren’t sure if they should put something so important, and often so personal, in the hands of someone else. Here are reasons why you should get the help of professionals for your next sales presentation.

Professional Help for Your Sales Presentation

Design Isn’t as Easy as Professionals Make It Look

Graphic design is more complicated than most people realize. But grabbing a few high res images from the internet is neither the beginning nor end of the graphic strategy for your deck. Finding the right image to fit the feel you are going for can takes hours to find. Even longer to create. And the image you ultimately find might work perfectly for that one slide, but not mesh well with the other slides, creating a sense that your presentation has been hobbled together.

Professional designers don’t just find the right image for the slide, they find the one that works as a part of a larger piece. In the end, that’s what you need. They alter the visuals, so they highlight your message and illustrate your point, without veering from the overall message.

Underestimating the skill needed to select and adapt the correct visuals can be a grave mistake that sinks your presentation before you ever even get a chance to speak. Professional designers have years of education to inform their eye and intuition. SlideGenius itself has a dedicated academy to make sure that your presentation is the visual envy of everyone.

Professional Help for Your Sales Presentation

What Does Your Sales Presentation Say?

No one knows your story like you do. That can be a tremendous help when speaking but a fatal hindrance when writing. Too often people struggle to see the forest for the trees. They see every piece of information as unique and vital but are blind to how they are crowding their slides with words that will ultimately go unread.

When a slide is filled with too much copy, not only does it choke out the design, it overwhelms the audience. Reading becomes less likely. A viewer may even feel a sense of stress or anxiety while your presentation is on screen. These are two things you do not want associated with your brand.

The amount of information you show onscreen, or even if your message is coming across clearly, will make or break your sales presentation. A professional copywriter can help you to identify whether there is too much, too little, or even help you by writing the words that were already on the tip of your tongue. The last thing you want to be explaining during your presentation is what you actually meant when you wrote what’s on the screen.

Professional Designers Give You What Cannot Be Bought 

Time is a commodity you cannot waste. The truth is, even presentations that look like they were just thrown together at the last minute are often the product of hours of someone’s hard work. Having a professional at the reins can allow you to focus on collecting data, scheduling appointments or just plain relaxing.

Hiring a presentation specialist can also help you gain perspective. It’s easier to see what can be improved when someone else has done the work. The iterative process means that you can see the work as it comes together, providing feedback, guiding the direction and gaining insight that might otherwise escape you.

Professional Help for Your Sales Presentation

SlideGenius Creates Presentations for You

Did all of that seem like too much to handle? If you are still drawing blanks about design, contact us and we can help create your next sales presentation! From PowerPoint presentations to animated marketing videos, we specialize in professionally crafted pitch materials for businesses to generate positive results.

Our team of presentation designers, writers and animators make your success easier than ever before. We’ve collaborated with over global 3,000 clients. These refined and tested design skills provide exciting and unique presentations that meet the world-class standards of our partners.

The improved visual communication we craft has helped our clients raise hundreds of millions of dollars for their businesses. Let us do the same for you! The growth of our client’s is our biggest measure of success. Together, let’s grow your company further using the endless possibilities in PowerPoint! Reach out now to get a quote free of charge.

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Website Design Tips for Pharmaceutical and Biotech Companies

The quality of your website design can make or break your biotech business. From a consumer’s viewpoint, if you can’t make a proper website (or afford to hire someone to do it) then how reliable can your product be?

At SlideGenius, we know the value of a high-quality website. We help people create websites that look great and increase business. What should you consider when building your website for your pharmaceutical or biotech company?

Before someone buys a product or hires a service, they do their research. They check reviews, investigate the competition… and take your website to pieces. Are you ready for designing and optimizing your website?

Define Your Goals

Every website has its own goals. Before you come to us, make sure you have a list of objectives that you want to achieve by establishing your online presence. This should not only benefit you, but your target audience as well.

It’s a waste of time and money when you invest in a site that doesn’t anticipate the needs of your target consumer. This can lead to a high bounce rate. No one wants to purchase from a brand that focuses solely on their goals and not the customer’s.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself:

  • How will you measure success?
  • What is your target demographic?
  • What would you like them to gain by visiting your website?
    • What would you like them to do while they’re there?
  • How will your website be different from others?

Now view all those things from the lens of your target audience. Your study about the efficacy of your biotech device won’t mean much if it isn’t broken down into helpful infographics. The groundbreaking science that you employ will get you nowhere if the reader does not understand how it applies to them specifically.

Your goals are not just what you want to see happen. They’re how you make it in your reader’s best interest for them to happen.

(Original) Content is Central to Your Website Design

It’s crucial that the content on your website is original and of high quality. You want to provide users with something they’ve never seen or read before.

You need to approach certain aspects from a fresh perspective. Otherwise, your customers are going to leave your site. Having a blog on your website shows thought leadership and expertise on a certain topic. Blogs can take a lot of work, especially when you’re publishing once a week.

A well-developed blog shows consistency. Even if people are not reading each article, it’s not uncommon for people to scroll through your blog history check publishing dates. This will give insight on whether your company is organized enough to commit to publishing every week or simply sporadically posts whenever.

Website design can be difficult. If you're building a website for your pharma/biotech company, check out these tips.

Coming up with content can be difficult. However, dissecting developments in pharmaceuticals or the biotech industry, even when it does not relate to your company, can help to increase your relevancy and virality. The more people read and share your posts, the more traffic you will win.

Have a Linking Strategy

If it’s an article on new tech or the latest trends in the pharmaceutical industry, your research should be based off credible sources. Linking internally and externally is huge advantage in appearing authoritative to search engines.

Linking externally, or to other websites, allows you reference studies or press releases to establish the validity of your assertions. It makes your brand seem up to date in the pharma/biotech community.

Linking internally (like so) keeps people on your site longer, increasing their connection to your brand and boosting the chance for engagement. It should be part of content strategy and website design from the earliest stages.

Short Loading Times

Page speed refers to how fast content loads on your website. Google is obsessed with speed in its products and on the web. That is why it includes site speed in its search ranking algorithms.

In July 2018, they extended this to mobile speed as well.

Fast sites not only create happy users, they also reduce operating costs—good news for site owners!

Today, users don’t have the patience for pages with poor load speeds and inadequate performance. If it doesn’t load within three seconds, they tend to leave the site. If customers experience the same thing on your website, they will take their business elsewhere.

When your landing page experience is poor, this affects your Quality Score and Ad Rank.

Responsive Web Design

Creating a responsive web design is an approach wherein a designer creates a web page that resizes itself according to the device it is accessed on. Responsive web design means having one website equipped with various elements responding differently when viewed on diverse platforms.

Take a “fixed” website, for example. Let’s say it shows three columns when viewed on a desktop computer. If you accessed the same website on a smaller screen, some elements might appear distorted or hidden. Large images may even affect the page’s loading time, especially if your website is graphics heavy.

With a responsive website design, what used to have three columns may be reduce to one or two. The content may appear stacked now compared to when you view it on a desktop. Apart from that, images will automatically resize instead of looking distorted or not loading at all.

These are just some of the aspects that contribute to a successful website. It’s important for you to understand that apart from user experience, it’s also essential that you take insights and feedback into account. These will help refine your website over time.

If you’re new to this and you’re overwhelmed by how crucial the process is, don’t worry because we’re here to help.

Hire a Professional

The internet never stands still. So why turn all your attention to your website when you’re still running your business? At SlideGenius, we make your existing site better… or build you a new one from scratch. Our team of web professionals can help make your site more responsive and productive. Not to mention look better, too. We even have a team of writers if you’re struggling with your message.

We’ve helped our clients improve their business and generates hundreds of millions of dollars in the last few years alone. For more information on our services, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’re here 24/7 and we’ll get back to you immediately.

Explainer Video: Building Your Finance Company

Explainer videos can effectively sell your financial services to interested clients.

Consumers have become more digitally savvy than ever. It’s essential for marketers to deliver content that speaks to them directly. These videos inform consumers about your business in an easily understood format.

At SlideGenius, we help clients make themselves more accessible to prospective customers by creating engaging explainer videos.

Challenges of Marketing Finance

On the surface, finance marketing already comes with big tasks. There is a large portion of consumers that do not trust big financial institutions. These people simply subscribe to notions that firms cheat them out of their money. Others who are willing to utilize financial services, are faced with an industry filled with numerous brands and very little differentiation.

These challenges stem from false or misguided information being spread to consumers. Explainer videos are capable of showcasing the right information in an understandable format. These videos can effectively breakdown how your company does business, exhibiting complete transparency.

Here are some things to consider while creating an explainer video.

Keep Explainers Short

Effective explainers should only be one or two minutes long. Overexplaining every facet of your business will only lose your audience’s interest. Being clear and concise about your solutions is important to landing new clients.

Having a tightly written script will create room for your visuals to shine. The audio and visual fluidity will engage your viewers without overloading them with too much information. Having content that’s quick and understandable makes it easier for consumers to get up-to-speed on the solutions your company provides.

Be Direct with Your Explanations

The most crucial part of the explainer is its introduction. Make your message clear within the first 30 seconds of your video. You can start by proposing a thought-provoking problem or question to spark the interest of your audience. This simple trick  quickly contextualizes what you are about to delve into. It’s a way to get your audience to frame their understanding from their point-of-view.

The connection you build at the start will guide the message for the rest of the video. You risk losing the interest of your audience entirely if you don’t hook them from the very start.

Sell Your Finance Solutions

Be concise and informative when explaining your solutions. You want people to learn about your offerings without making them feel like their time wasted by useless information.

Focus on the essentials of your solutions, avoiding overly complicated topics that may muddy the message of the video.

This is the real meat of your video. It’s your chance to fully showcase what differentiates your unique services from your competitors. Keep the language light so your video feels relatable to the audience. It will also create more room for you to conceptualize creative visuals to fill the screen.

Highlight the Benefits

When presented with a new service, consumers naturally ask “what’s in it for me?” Instead of just listing the features of your solution, explain to clients how they benefit from choosing you as their partner. You can promise personalized customer service or greater savings in the long run. Clients just want to know how they profit from working closely with you.

Your script can convey relatable scenarios that highlight how your solutions help people grow their money. This makes it easier for clients to envision how your service fits into their needs. The faster clients can decide about starting a partnership, the better.

Close with a Catchy Call-to-Action

Drive your message home with strong closing statements. A call-to-action can influence your audience to act the way you want them to.

Be it to generate more sign-ups or website hits, you place the power in your audience’s hands to start reaching out to you. Good CTAs maintain the connection you’ve built throughout the video, well after it has finished playing.

While arresting visuals are sure to grab the attention of your audience, it’s the content and script that must push them to partner up with you. By inviting them to stay in contact, it sends a clear message of confidence and transparency that emphasizes your company’s expertise.

Work with SlideGenius for Professional Explainer Videos

Creating an explainer video is important but it takes time. If you’re too busy or uncertain, reach out to us.

We’ve worked with over 3,000 clients to date, honing our craft in creating engaging presentations that drive business. It’s our passion to help clients increase their conversions and gain partnerships. Our growth is measured by the success of our clients.

We are proud to serve clients 24/7. Our committed team of talented designers, writers, animators, project specialists and managers are ready for any project. Together, we can help grow your business to reach greater heights.

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8 Ways to Maximize Engagement in Internal Communications Presentations

Are big changes happening in your company? How will you spread that information to every employee?

The success of your business depends on your effective communication skills as a leader. Simple emails and memos don’t inspire. The challenge lies in engaging your employees.

Effective internal communication creates a more unified front throughout your company. With everyone on the same page, you can guarantee you are all working toward the same goals.

At SlideGenius, we specialize in professionally designed PowerPoint presentations. We fully believe in the power and capabilities of visual storytelling.

Our expertise with PowerPoint has helped over 3,000 clients worldwide, boosting their communication internally and externally.

We design every presentation with the intent of creating engaging material to generates positive results for you.

The following are some tips on how you can boost the effectiveness of your internal presentations:

Disseminate Presentations to Each Department

Tailor versions of your presentation for the context of each department. It will consume more time and effort, but ultimately, this hard work maximizes the relevance of your presentation in the audience’s eyes.

Broad presentations may save time, but they sacrifice delivering a focused message for something quick and easy. Don’t set a bad example. Do it right the first time.

Tell a Story

Even within the context of seemingly mundane businesses or industries, injecting storytelling into your presentations can make them more compelling and engaging. It’s the difference between your audience staring at their feet and watching your every move.

The goal of storytelling is to get your audience to relate with the information being presented. The more people can grasp what’s being told to them, the more they are able to follow the flow of your discussion until the end.

Provide Concrete Examples

People latch onto information more easily when it’s clear-cut and definitive. Vague statements regarding your company’s improvement or decline fosters disinterest. After all, how can anyone improve a situation they can hardly imagine?

Case studies are great examples of concrete information. Don’t be afraid to bare the nitty-gritty with your employees. It’s this data that will prove you are the authority on the subject.

Boost Company Morale

Your presentation isn’t only meant to update your employees on things happening in the company and the market. Treat these meetings as opportunities to express your gratitude to those who made the goals achievable. Connect to people broadly, but also individually. Feeling seen not only makes them more inclined to tune into what you’re saying, it will put them on their best behavior afterwards.

When you boost a person’s confidence in their work, it will increase their motivation to improve.

Use Professionally Designed Infographics

Make the most out of your data by presenting them with a unique visual twist. People are more likely to process and retain visual information better than simple text and numbers. A well-made infographic has the power to transform even ordinary bits of data into engaging materials.

Encourage Audience Participation

You may be the lead presenter, but the presentation does not need to be a one-way street. Invite your employees to ask questions or provide feedback during your presentation to include them in the discussion.

This involvement helps promote a feeling of inclusivity and transparency that will be appreciated by your employees. It’s also a great way to remind them that there is an opportunity to practice teamwork in every setting.

Provide Handouts

Handouts will help your audience keep track of everything that’s being talked about, especially for heftier presentations. Employees will be able to take those handouts with them as accessible resources of information.

Most people will not absorb all the relevant information the first time around. Allowing people to hold onto this info will give them more time to process it, absorb it and increase your chances of making a longer lasting impression.

Make Your Presentation Available Online

There will be cases when some members of your organization will not be available for your presentation. Having an online version of your deck ensures everyone will get to see it when they can, and even review it if need be.

As you continue this practice, you will be building an increasingly invaluable source of knowledge and value as well as increasing your own profile.

SlideGenius Prepares Presentations for You  

When there’s too much work on your hands already, partner up with us and we can design your next internal presentation for you! From PowerPoint presentations to animated videos, we professionally craft presentations to boost communication skills and internal messaging.

Our dedicated work is possible because of our team of passionate presentation designers, writers, and animators. We continuously develop our skills to provide every client with exciting and unique presentations that meet the world-class standards.

We’ve helped countless clients raise their company’s profile internally and externally. We can do the same for you! The growth of our clients is our greatest measure of success. Together, let’s elevate your company further through the limitless possibilities in PowerPoint!

Reach out now to get a free quote—contact us today!