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Microsoft Corporation has several solution providers who offer support for their array of applications and one that stands out is SlideGenius. This solution is used to design PowerPoint presentations and has helped many mid-level enterprises to make huge improvements with their presentations. The company bases all its activities on the premise that first impressions are the most important. The presentations are custom created with engaging content and graphics which have the greatest impact on the viewer. A presentation created by SlideGenius will involve the creation of branded templates, animation, additional images as well as any other consultation regarding presentations.

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This is the PowerPoint age and majority of presentations use this platform to put across certain subject matters in form of a presentation. Many companies and individual entrepreneurs may not have established the power of effective presentations and SlideGenius greatly advocates the use of the services to stimulate sales. According to their research, a number of enterprises have already registered up to a 25 percent increase in sales just by having an effective presentation. Anderson consulting did a survey that indicated that most sales people indicated that their lack of sufficient PowerPoint skills has made them make fewer sales than they are capable of.

A SlideGenius supported PowerPoint presentation is able to greatly improve a company’s reputation thus, boosting the confidence that customers have in an enterprise. Sales leads can further be increased which in turn raises the volume of sales. Business people and other corporate entities need to recognize that passing the right message across is one of the most important steps in reaching the intended objectives. With the amount of work that SlideGenius has done so far, they have amassed great experience in producing individual slides or full presentations and the intellectual property from the client is never published. The end result that is produced by SlideGenius is able to appropriately fit a company’s profile in addition to making sure that the message being put across is fitting.

Are You Looking for a Pitch Deck?
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A major advantage with SlideGenius is that for them to begin any work for a client the appropriate staff will have to carry out a consultation to know the nature of the presentation to be formulated. Furthermore, this consultation is free of charge. SlideGenius as an entity is always putting in sufficient effort to advance the trade and recently they enhanced their service by integrating BringIt technology which will improve the appearance of presentations. The technology blends PowerPoint messaging and online video streaming technology. The resultant product is an optimized PowerPoint messaging platform that enhances the presentation experience.

SlideGenius has received plenty of accolades as a result of its superior performance and the latest one was the Slideboom presentation contest where it received a bronze medal for the PowerPoint design competition. As a result of all the good work done by SlideGenius the service has been used by many corporates to help in the improvement of their presentations, marketing drives and sales pitches. The positive response from clients is testament of a superior service.

Are You Looking for a Pitch Deck?
View Our Amazing Pitch Deck Examples!

Custom Designers are Key to Success!

PowerPoint presentations and business conferences will be successful only if the presenters or the host can convey their messages effectively. Powerful “PowerPoint Design Templates” will make your presentation effective even before you start talking. When you design the right way, your audience which includes your business partners and clients, will never let their thoughts fly to other things. Sometimes your clients would have attended several PowerPoint presentations prior to coming to see yours. In such cases, though your presentation’s content is impressive, the clients and the business partners will not be interested in listening to you because the PowerPoint Design has made the environment less interesting for your audience. Now, you should have a clear idea as to how important the design and message of your PowerPoint presentation is.

The experts at will use powerful designs for your pitch deck. The design will be custom designed to suit your company’s needs. Therefore, you can now breathe easy and concentrate on how you will speak in your presentation by leaving the design issues to us.

The PowerPoint design of your presentation should represent the content and purpose of this presentation. For example, if you are giving a PowerPoint presentation relating to the medical profession, then you have to choose a design with a calming and professional theme, probably utilizing proper white space. This will attract the attention of the audience even before you say a word. You also have to consider how your design will look at the place of the seminar. If you give a presentation that is packed with useful details and a good design then you can be rest assured that your message will be clearly understood by the audience in the most effective manner.

You can let the experts at handle this for you and you can concentrate on getting the useful information which you would like to deliver at the seminar or presentation. Our experts will also take care of the legal issues related to using the PowerPoint design templates. You should be aware that most good designs are not available for free. Therefore, you will save yourself a lot of time and money sorting out these issues.

To make an effective design some points or rules should be kept in mind.

The slides must not be cluttered with bullet points.

Use graphic colors and text which are contrasting with the background.

Make sure that the text is big enough so that people sitting in the last row can also read it.

Don’t overuse animations.

The transitions between slides should be logical.

The design should be balanced, uncluttered with enough white space for aesthetic composition.

Use graphics instead of bullet points to transmit information clearly.

The slides should be designed in a pleasing manner.

The text on each slide should be readable by all.

Well designed presentations prove the fact that you respect your audience.

The experts at will ensure all the points given above while designing a PowerPoint Pitch Deck Presentation for you.