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Explainer Video: Building Your Software Business

July 10, 2019 / Blog marketing video, software companies, video marketing


An explainer video is the perfect tool for helping people see the value of your software. These videos show how it works and envision themselves using it.

At SlideGenius, our designers create unbelievable presentation materials from PowerPoint to animated videos. Explainer videos are an area of expertise for us. We dissect the unique stories of our clients to craft materials that showcase their solutions and help them drive better business. 

Marketing Software to People Who Don’t Get It 

Software companies have to fight for just a small spot in a crowded market. They have the heavy task of effectively educating consumers… many of whom struggle with technological subjects.

Digital video marketing has become an essential strategy for software businesses to spread relevant information about new solutions. Content that’s educational, visually engaging and digestible makes it easier to get consumers up-to-speed on the cutting-edge tech your company brings to the table.

In the tech business, explainer videos are effective in illustrating all the ins-and-outs of a solution in a quick and shareable format. A well-executed video can take a sophisticated solution and present it in a way that’s understandable to the common consumer.

Here are some tips on what makes an effective explainer video.

Take the Ego Out 

A lot of people make the mistake of overemphasizing their back story. Time after time, people set out to explain how their company came to be instead of just simply making their value clear to their prospective clients.

If you run a company or have developed a revolutionary software, you are probably pretty proud of that fact. Odds are, your story is extensive and worth telling. The truth is, there are two kinds of clients: those who need to solve a problem and those who don’t care about your origin story. (Spoiler alert, there’s a lot of overlap between these two.)

Get to the point. If you’re looking to draw in professionals, you need to respect their time. Save your company’s story for a different video.

Don’t Be Vague, But Don’t Be Overly Technical, Either 

Even if you’re selling within your own industry, jargon should be kept to a minimum. A handful of industry-specific terms is great. But sentences packed with niche terminology and acronyms can complicate even the most straightforward message.

Acronyms, for example, can be a great way of fitting an idea into a small space. But the mind still has to unfurl the meaning. While even the sharpest mind is unpacking one acronym, a second one closely thereafter creates a bit of a traffic jam. The copy is now moving faster than the mind. Pick which acronyms are most important and stick with them. Consider it a thematic choice.

Similarly, industry terms can be an authentic way to establish authority on a given subject. However, too many close together can jeopardize the clarity of the message. A consumer doesn’t want to think about whether your software will work for them. They want to know it works while they consider the perks.

Diluting your message in this way makes that less likely.

The Sky is Falling 

Never lie. But you shouldn’t hesitate to discuss the worst-case scenario your potential customer is facing. Help make their problem clear.

The problem is driving them to discover what your software can do for them. Explainer videos aren’t considered “commercials” in the typical sense, but everything you pay to produce should be made with consideration for its return. The more catastrophic the problem is, the more eager they are to learn about how your app is going to make that problem go away.

Time and time again, though, people are afraid of catastrophizing. “The status quo isn’t that bad,” they’ll rationalize. You need to see your product as superb, as a vital solution to a problem. Without clearly creating what that problem is, your explainer video is little more than trivia.

Tell Them What to Do Next 

At the end of your video, hook your audience with a strong closing-thought. People don’t want to think. You need to clearly tell them what to do with the information you just presented. Don’t be afraid to be too pushy. How pushy can you really be in a five-second window?

Tell the viewer what their next actions should be. It can make the difference between someone who found your video informative and your next customer.

Let SlideGenius Do the Work for You 

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