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How To Insert Youtube Videos In PowerPoint

You have just downloaded a video from YouTube and want to do a project. Want to insert YouTube videos in PowerPoint? Follow the guide to add a video to PowerPoint.

Notice: Not all videos can be imported to PowerPoint. Downloaded videos are in .FLV format but PowerPoint supports MP4, WMV. In order to compatible video with PowerPoint, you need convert video to the right format. Get the converter at the bottom of the article.

After all the preparing work is done, you can embed YouTube videos to PowerPoint right now!

For PowerPoint 2003:

Drop-down Insert menu and point to Movies and Sounds>Movie from File. It will show you a box to select video files from your hard disk.

Then PowerPoint prompted you a message asking how you want the movie to start in the slide show. Choose “Automatically”.

To edit the videos in PowerPoint, you can right click the Movies Object shortcut. Change setting on the menu and click OK to save.

For PowerPoint 2007:

Adding YoutTube videos in PowerPoint 2007 is easier than in 2003.

At Insert menu, choose Movie>Movie from File. You are enables to insert a video into the presentation.

For both versions, you can preview videos you added to PowerPoint by clicking Slide Show>View Show.

For other tools, Windows Movie Maker is another Microsoft-published program where you can edit your videos easily. With this tool, you can customize videos and cut black bars making your videos friendly for PowerPoint.