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Explainer Videos: Building Your Manufacturing Business

July 17, 2019 / Blog explainer videos, manufacturing


Creating an engaging explainer video can attract new customers to the unique services of your manufacturing business. As internet-based channels are becoming the dominant marketing platforms, consumers are eager for original content that speaks to them directly.

These videos allow you to influence the purchasing decisions of consumers by providing them with all the information they need in an easily understood format.

Since 2012, we at SlideGenius having been collecting the greatest minds in writing and the written word to help our clients tell their story better. That means when it comes to making an explainer video, we know what you need to make it a success.

Challenges of Marketing Manufacturing 

Marketing for a manufacturer has its unique challenges. The decision to hire a manufacturing company does not come from a singular consumer, but a committee of executives that represent multiple levels of a business. This makes targeting the content complicated.

Explainer videos are useful in addressing various audiences with informative and engaging content. They can help to get everyone on the same page. A well-executed video presents a complicated idea in a way that’s shareable across all levels of business.

Here are some ideas on how to make an effective explainer video.

Keep Explainer Videos Short 

The sweet spot for your explainer is around the two-minute mark. Maybe even slightly before.

You don’t want to overexplain and leave your audience bored to tears. Stick to the essentials of what you want your audience to remember. It’s crucial in attracting new clients to clearly explain all relevant information without making it feel tedious.

A tightly written script gives you the space to present meaningful visuals that complement your message. This fluid blend of audio and visuals will keep viewers engaged throughout the video without overloading them with unnecessary information. Content that’s readily digestible makes it easier to get all kinds of consumers up-to-speed on the cutting-edge services your company brings to the table.

Video Explanations Should Get to the Point

The beginning of your video is crucial in creating a connection with your audience. Make your message clear within the first 30 seconds. 

You can start by proposing a thought-provoking problem or question. This sparks the interest of your audience. Something like “What’s the fastest way to get machine parts manufactured?” or “Is AI the future of manufacturing?”  Engaging your audience with a question effectively grabs their attention and preludes the direction of the video.

The connection you establish will guide your audience’s expectations throughout the rest of the video. If you don’t catch their interest early on, you risk losing their attention for the rest of the video.

Offer Your Manufacturing Solution

Once you have your audience hooked, move directly onto breaking down your services. This will be the real meat of your video. The key here is to be both concise and informative. You want people to know more about your company, without making them feel like you wasted their time. Avoid overly complicated features and topics that may dilute your overall message.

This is your chance to show-off what separates your services from the rest of the pack. Keep the language fun so that you have more room for creative visuals to fill the screen and captivate your audience’s attention. Speaking in layman’s terms keeps your message accessible to a wide audience of potential clients.

Emphasize the Benefits of Your Manufacturing 

“Why do I care?” Your customer is asking themselves this exact question every time they see something new. Don’t expect them to figure it out. Make it easy for them.

The purpose of an explainer video is to inform. Instead of just listing the features of your services, use explainer videos to illustrate how businesses can benefit from partnering with you. You can promise fast delivery times, personalized customer service or the means for mass production. Clients just want to know how they profit from choosing you as their manufacturer.

Focusing on the benefits of your service creates a clearer idea for your visuals to unfold. Relatable scenarios showcase your services at work. This makes it easier for potential clients to imagine how they’ll utilize your service. The faster clients come to a decision, the better.

End with a Strong Call-to-Action 

At the end of your video, hook your audience with a strong closing-thought. Your CTA convinces your audience to learn more about your company and solutions. Don’t be afraid to inject a bit of FOMO (fear of missing out) to get them subconsciously invested in your products. This is what maintains the connection you’ve built throughout the video, even after it has finished.

A killer explainer video builds awareness of your company. Knowledge is power. The more your customer knows, the more empowered they are to give you their business. Arresting visuals are sure to grab the attention of audiences, but it’s the script that must engage them to learn more. Showcasing your business in an understandable manner sends a clear message of expertise and authenticity.

Turn to SlideGenius for Professional Explainer Videos

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