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Website Design Tips for Pharmaceutical and Biotech Companies

August 21, 2019 / Blog


The quality of your website design can make or break your biotech business. From a consumer’s viewpoint, if you can’t make a proper website (or afford to hire someone to do it) then how reliable can your product be?

At SlideGenius, we know the value of a high-quality website. We help people create websites that look great and increase business. What should you consider when building your website for your pharmaceutical or biotech company?

Before someone buys a product or hires a service, they do their research. They check reviews, investigate the competition… and take your website to pieces. Are you ready for designing and optimizing your website?

Define Your Goals

Every website has its own goals. Before you come to us, make sure you have a list of objectives that you want to achieve by establishing your online presence. This should not only benefit you, but your target audience as well.

It’s a waste of time and money when you invest in a site that doesn’t anticipate the needs of your target consumer. This can lead to a high bounce rate. No one wants to purchase from a brand that focuses solely on their goals and not the customer’s.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself:

  • How will you measure success?
  • What is your target demographic?
  • What would you like them to gain by visiting your website?
    • What would you like them to do while they’re there?
  • How will your website be different from others?

Now view all those things from the lens of your target audience. Your study about the efficacy of your biotech device won’t mean much if it isn’t broken down into helpful infographics. The groundbreaking science that you employ will get you nowhere if the reader does not understand how it applies to them specifically.

Your goals are not just what you want to see happen. They’re how you make it in your reader’s best interest for them to happen.

(Original) Content is Central to Your Website Design

It’s crucial that the content on your website is original and of high quality. You want to provide users with something they’ve never seen or read before.

You need to approach certain aspects from a fresh perspective. Otherwise, your customers are going to leave your site. Having a blog on your website shows thought leadership and expertise on a certain topic. Blogs can take a lot of work, especially when you’re publishing once a week.

A well-developed blog shows consistency. Even if people are not reading each article, it’s not uncommon for people to scroll through your blog history check publishing dates. This will give insight on whether your company is organized enough to commit to publishing every week or simply sporadically posts whenever.

Website design can be difficult. If you're building a website for your pharma/biotech company, check out these tips.

Coming up with content can be difficult. However, dissecting developments in pharmaceuticals or the biotech industry, even when it does not relate to your company, can help to increase your relevancy and virality. The more people read and share your posts, the more traffic you will win.

Have a Linking Strategy

If it’s an article on new tech or the latest trends in the pharmaceutical industry, your research should be based off credible sources. Linking internally and externally is huge advantage in appearing authoritative to search engines.

Linking externally, or to other websites, allows you reference studies or press releases to establish the validity of your assertions. It makes your brand seem up to date in the pharma/biotech community.

Linking internally (like so) keeps people on your site longer, increasing their connection to your brand and boosting the chance for engagement. It should be part of content strategy and website design from the earliest stages.

Short Loading Times

Page speed refers to how fast content loads on your website. Google is obsessed with speed in its products and on the web. That is why it includes site speed in its search ranking algorithms.

In July 2018, they extended this to mobile speed as well.

Fast sites not only create happy users, they also reduce operating costs—good news for site owners!

Today, users don’t have the patience for pages with poor load speeds and inadequate performance. If it doesn’t load within three seconds, they tend to leave the site. If customers experience the same thing on your website, they will take their business elsewhere.

When your landing page experience is poor, this affects your Quality Score and Ad Rank.

Responsive Web Design

Creating a responsive web design is an approach wherein a designer creates a web page that resizes itself according to the device it is accessed on. Responsive web design means having one website equipped with various elements responding differently when viewed on diverse platforms.

Take a “fixed” website, for example. Let’s say it shows three columns when viewed on a desktop computer. If you accessed the same website on a smaller screen, some elements might appear distorted or hidden. Large images may even affect the page’s loading time, especially if your website is graphics heavy.

With a responsive website design, what used to have three columns may be reduce to one or two. The content may appear stacked now compared to when you view it on a desktop. Apart from that, images will automatically resize instead of looking distorted or not loading at all.

These are just some of the aspects that contribute to a successful website. It’s important for you to understand that apart from user experience, it’s also essential that you take insights and feedback into account. These will help refine your website over time.

If you’re new to this and you’re overwhelmed by how crucial the process is, don’t worry because we’re here to help.

Hire a Professional

The internet never stands still. So why turn all your attention to your website when you’re still running your business? At SlideGenius, we make your existing site better… or build you a new one from scratch. Our team of web professionals can help make your site more responsive and productive. Not to mention look better, too. We even have a team of writers if you’re struggling with your message.

We’ve helped our clients improve their business and generates hundreds of millions of dollars in the last few years alone. For more information on our services, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’re here 24/7 and we’ll get back to you immediately.