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Explainer Video: Building Your Finance Company

Explainer videos can effectively sell your financial services to interested clients.

Consumers have become more digitally savvy than ever. It’s essential for marketers to deliver content that speaks to them directly. These videos inform consumers about your business in an easily understood format.

At SlideGenius, we help clients make themselves more accessible to prospective customers by creating engaging explainer videos.

Challenges of Marketing Finance

On the surface, finance marketing already comes with big tasks. There is a large portion of consumers that do not trust big financial institutions. These people simply subscribe to notions that firms cheat them out of their money. Others who are willing to utilize financial services, are faced with an industry filled with numerous brands and very little differentiation.

These challenges stem from false or misguided information being spread to consumers. Explainer videos are capable of showcasing the right information in an understandable format. These videos can effectively breakdown how your company does business, exhibiting complete transparency.

Here are some things to consider while creating an explainer video.

Keep Explainers Short

Effective explainers should only be one or two minutes long. Overexplaining every facet of your business will only lose your audience’s interest. Being clear and concise about your solutions is important to landing new clients.

Having a tightly written script will create room for your visuals to shine. The audio and visual fluidity will engage your viewers without overloading them with too much information. Having content that’s quick and understandable makes it easier for consumers to get up-to-speed on the solutions your company provides.

Be Direct with Your Explanations

The most crucial part of the explainer is its introduction. Make your message clear within the first 30 seconds of your video. You can start by proposing a thought-provoking problem or question to spark the interest of your audience. This simple trick  quickly contextualizes what you are about to delve into. It’s a way to get your audience to frame their understanding from their point-of-view.

The connection you build at the start will guide the message for the rest of the video. You risk losing the interest of your audience entirely if you don’t hook them from the very start.

Sell Your Finance Solutions

Be concise and informative when explaining your solutions. You want people to learn about your offerings without making them feel like their time wasted by useless information.

Focus on the essentials of your solutions, avoiding overly complicated topics that may muddy the message of the video.

This is the real meat of your video. It’s your chance to fully showcase what differentiates your unique services from your competitors. Keep the language light so your video feels relatable to the audience. It will also create more room for you to conceptualize creative visuals to fill the screen.

Highlight the Benefits

When presented with a new service, consumers naturally ask “what’s in it for me?” Instead of just listing the features of your solution, explain to clients how they benefit from choosing you as their partner. You can promise personalized customer service or greater savings in the long run. Clients just want to know how they profit from working closely with you.

Your script can convey relatable scenarios that highlight how your solutions help people grow their money. This makes it easier for clients to envision how your service fits into their needs. The faster clients can decide about starting a partnership, the better.

Close with a Catchy Call-to-Action

Drive your message home with strong closing statements. A call-to-action can influence your audience to act the way you want them to.

Be it to generate more sign-ups or website hits, you place the power in your audience’s hands to start reaching out to you. Good CTAs maintain the connection you’ve built throughout the video, well after it has finished playing.

While arresting visuals are sure to grab the attention of your audience, it’s the content and script that must push them to partner up with you. By inviting them to stay in contact, it sends a clear message of confidence and transparency that emphasizes your company’s expertise.

Work with SlideGenius for Professional Explainer Videos

Creating an explainer video is important but it takes time. If you’re too busy or uncertain, reach out to us.

We’ve worked with over 3,000 clients to date, honing our craft in creating engaging presentations that drive business. It’s our passion to help clients increase their conversions and gain partnerships. Our growth is measured by the success of our clients.

We are proud to serve clients 24/7. Our committed team of talented designers, writers, animators, project specialists and managers are ready for any project. Together, we can help grow your business to reach greater heights.

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What Makes a Successful Finance Presentation?

When conducting a business presentation that revolves around finance, it’s important that the data resonates with the audience without it being too much to take in. While you want to be transparent and show them the big picture, you wouldn’t want to exhaust them by going over every figure.

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Here are ways to make your financial presentation effective and understandable:

Clarify your objectives

Make sure you know what your presentation is for. Clarify what you want to achieve by talking about finance in a room full of people. For example, if you want to talk about yearend revenues, your objective could revolve around how this affects your company in the present and in the upcoming year.

As part of custom PowerPoint presentation planning, set an agenda, as this makes it easier for the audience to follow the flow of your discussion—it organizes your content into sections. With a sound agenda, you can set the financial scene and work toward the reveal of important data.

Having a clear agenda helps your audience save questions for the appropriate sections, which in turn benefits you in maintaining your momentum.

Don’t just show data—tell a story.

You can’t just project numbers and graphs on the screen and expect your audience to what it is and what it’s about—you need to go into detail and tell the story behind the data. This is where you can provide insight and share your business goals with your audience—you’ll want to discuss why these numbers are important to the company.

Pro tip: follow the three-part story structure and divide your narrative into three parts—the beginning, middle, and end.

Start by describing things as they are. That way, you create rapport with your audience and if you share an idea they are already familiar with, then that will engage them more.

Once you’ve laid all the facts, show them how things could change. Make sure that you cite reliable sources to increase your credibility as a speaker.

When it comes to the conclusion, make it inspiring—or as Nancy Duarte calls it, “new bliss.” This concept refers to telling the audience about how much better their world will be if they adopt your ideas.

Go beyond charts and graphs.

Presentation design helps make your topic become more understandable. Charts and graphs are great for representing important figures, including market shares and revenue for the quarter or fiscal year.

To win the hearts of your audience, however, simple graphics are not going to cut it—try experimenting with data visualization to communicate financial messages more efficiently.

Make your presentation a two-way conversation.

When your presentation becomes a monologue, your audience becomes less engaged—less involved—with your discussion.

Make your audience’s financial priorities a topic for discussion at some point in your presentation. Asking them questions and for their feedback helps them retain information better because they become directly involved.

How you communicate data has a significant effect on how your audience will perceive it. Discussing financial information is a hit or miss, especially when figures and complex data are flashed on the screen, which is why you need to present details in a manner they can relate to.

Lastly, remember not to dump data on your slides—stand back and think about what you need to include. Your custom PowerPoint presentation should only contain key financial statements and talk around them in detail later in the discussion.

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