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Are Visuals in Business Presentations Actually Helpful?

Visual aids upgrade your speech, as the combination of content and design add flare to your presentation. These make your pitch more understandable and allow your audience to follow the discussion with their eyes.

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Before making a customized PowerPoint presentation, your goals must be clear—you should be sure of the message you want to convey. When you have a plan, you’ll know what you have to work on to achieve your objectives.

So what exactly is so important about visual aids that it’s imperative that you prepare one for your business presentation?

It conveys the message loud and clear.

Visuals help you catch your audience’s attention and engage them throughout your presentation. With these, you can communicate complex ideas in an understandable way. Rather than “telling,” you’re “showing” the audience exactly what you want to say, allowing them to make connections on their own—given that the graphics you use are relevant to your discussion.

Approximately three-quarters of adults in America own a smartphone, making it one of the most quickly adopted consumer technologies to date. Apart from this, they spend almost five hours on their phones. Why is this number important?

As a presenter, you’d want to keep your audience’s eyes on you. So, to keep their attention off their phones, you have to make your visual aids appealing. Add graphics, images, and animations relevant to the topic at hand and you’re good to go.

It elicits emotions.

Images are highly subjective. That said, there are certain categories that are more likely to elicit strong emotional responses compared to others. Images can help establish a long-term connection with the hearts and minds of your audience.

Rather than using bullet points, images that resonate with the audience inspire them to act. Plus, this makes it easier for them to retain information for a longer period.

It saves processing time.

A picture paints a thousand words and it holds true to this day. Using visuals relevant to your presentation is less time-consuming compared to writing a few hundred words. Apart from that, you’d only need to make sure that what you say revolves around that.

In addition, because your audience’s brain works overtime to process all the information fed to them, visuals prove to be the most efficient way to make your discussion easier to understand.

Your visual aids shouldn’t distract your audience, but rather help them reach the core of your presentation. These can either make or break their first impression of what you are pitching and you as a presenter. Simplicity is key when it comes to customized PowerPoint presentations—the best way to keep your audience’s attention is by removing clutter.

Nothing else maximizes efficiency and effectiveness quite like professionally designed visual aids, but take note: you may have the best PowerPoint design, but its purpose is only to add interest and enhance the way you convey your message. You’re still the star of the show, which is why you still have to do well with your speech.

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Back to the Future (of Marketing): Interactive Brochures

Your presentation is just the beginning, so don’t let your pitch end in the boardroom. In fact, take it further: have your audience take your company’s brand with them, wherever they go.

There are many types of collaterals that people can take home, but why stop there? Don’t just think in terms of physical items that they can carry around with them.

Here’s an idea: translate your usual print materials to digital media. That way, you don’t just reach out to your target market but you’ll also expand your network to other potential leads.

The Future Is Digital

Technology undeniably plays a big role today in people’s lives. For businesses, digital marketing proves to be an important tool in attracting prospects and increasing sales. Digital media helps marketers monitor what type of content people are more responsive to, allowing them to adapt accordingly. At a time when print is going digital, brochures and pamphlets can be converted into interactive sources.

Including interactive brochures in your digital marketing strategy benefits you in many ways. Paperless collaterals don’t only help the environment but also offer more accessibility than a traditional handout. People can view your company’s story anytime, anywhere, and you’ll even be able to track their interest in your business.Things like page analytics and data can help determine whether your content is drawing people in or not.

Take It Outside

Old-fashioned brochures stay with potential partners and clients. While these are good giveaways after a presentation, they reach a limited audience Take your content outside the boardroom and present your product and your story to other people.

There’s an available market online that you can’t tap into with word of mouth and networking alone. You can reach out to a wider audience faster by using people’s interconnectedness through digital media. At the same time, your existing customers are free to review your services from an easily downloadable interactive brochure. Expanding your partnerships and taking care of your current clients will be easier once you go digital.

Engaging the Audience

Interactivity is what makes the e-brochure so appealing. Unlike its paper counterpart, an interactive brochure can let you execute creative ideas that can only be possible with a digital medium. Although it’s basically a PDF version of your handout, you can put additional features, like an animation, that your viewers can interact with.

Aside from its availability in any electronic device, a digital brochure makes your content more engaging. If there’s one thing that should remain constant from your pitch to your marketing strategies, it’s audience engagement. You’re more likely to get investors by steering their attention towards you. Achieving the right combination of fun and professionalism in your e-brochure helps you get noticed.

Don’t give your prospects flat information. Make their experience interactive.

The Bottom Line: Go Big, Go Digital

Technology is a major game changer in the field of marketing. Don’t become outdated. Enter the new playing field and bring your product to a bigger market.

Making use of interactive brochures effectively attract and keep people’s attention. Its accessibility makes it easily available to anyone interested in your services. Prospects’ increased awareness of your brand boosts your sales leads and volume significantly.

Not sure where to start your digital marketing strategy? Consult with our SlideGenius designers today.



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Featured Image: “Connected and Charged” by Bob ~ Barely Time on

Adding Visuals to Your Technology PowerPoint

Visuals are crucial to technology PowerPoint presentations. Whether you’re an engineer or a software developer, your content will have concepts most people are unfamiliar with. Despite its specific nature, which does cater to a specific type of audience, not everyone might appreciate long walls of text in your tech presentation.

Using diagrams and content inspired images will definitely help an audience overwhelmed with technical talk. Aside from this, your pitch will benefit from catering to people’s responsiveness to visual stimulus. Short attention spans may be alleviated with visual representations of data that present your key points statistics neatly.

Here’s what you should know about creating visually-engaging technology PowerPoint presentations:

Use images that illustrate content

According to presentation expert Dave Paradi, visuals in PowerPoint presentations fall into two categories. The images you use are either ‘design’ visuals’ or ‘content visuals’. The first one serves a purely aesthetic purpose. The latter refers to pictures that illustrate key points.

Your technology PowerPoint should make use of content visuals. Choose images that perfectly illustrate the concepts you’re trying to impart.

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Don’t get us wrong—your PowerPoint shouldn’t be without design. The pictures you use serve a double purpose: 1) helping your audience understand a difficult concept; and 2) engaging their aesthetic sensibilities.

Here’s an example from our extensive technology PowerPoint portfolio:

Technology PowerPoint slide with content-driven images by SlideGenius

You’ll see how a complex concept has been cut down to the gist. With minimal text and expressive graphics, the objects on the slide portray its core message. This shows that you don’t need an entire excerpt from your reference and research. You can cut this down while still being substantial with images.

Where does the rest of the information go? Showing instead of telling on the slide actually leaves more room for you to verbally expound on your points. This helps you establish an emotional connection with your audience, and further engage them with your body language and tone of voice.

Simplify complicated concepts through diagrams

Some concepts are more complicated than others, requiring detailed explanations. In your technology PowerPoint, use diagrams to break down concepts into their most essential parts.

PowerPoint makes this easy with the SmartArt function. Just look for it in the Insert tab and you’ll find a gallery of diagram templates. All you have to do is choose the one that’s most appropriate for your content.

Use SmartArt to make diagrams in your technology PowerPoint

Although these options are available in PowerPoint, there are specific sites online that specialize in just diagram creation. If you’d like to design your own diagram, you can head to Gliffy is one such site that lets users experiment with diagrams until they find one that’s fit for their purposes.

technology powerpoint 04
*Note: You’ll need to register to save your creations
Get as creative as you’d like. Just remember to keep your diagram as simple as possible. Having too many arrows branching out to too many shapes might end up baffling your audience even more.


Design Visuals vs. Content Visuals.” Think Outside The Slide. February 05, 2013. Accessed June 18, 2015.

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