Every Business Needs a Core Story

Having a hard time deciding what to put in your deck? Here’s a quick presentation guide to simplifying by concentrating on your core story. Ensure everything contributes to your message by cutting down your slides. Take a look at this video to watch our CEO, Rick Enrico, talk about quick yet essential PowerPoint tips. For more effective presentation tips, check out our SlideGenius blog.

Video Transcript: Similar to having an “About Us” on your website, a core story is an essential component of a business’s narrative. Most companies have a sea of slides, but often forget to focus on simplicity and flow. Think of your core story like chapters on a book. Beyond the title slide you can potentially have: who we are, the problem we see, the solution to that problem, the results we have, our product, our process, how it works, why it works, why we are different, our clients, and so on. When done well, you’ll have a twelve to fourteen-slide core story that can be given in ten minutes or less, that builds the credibility for sales success.