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Does Storytelling Work? Well, It Worked for Many TED Speakers

Storytelling is the best way to engage your audience during a presentation.

Apart from a custom PowerPoint, it’s important that you establish a connection and elicit powerful emotions. This allows your audience to relate to and understand the need for your products and services because you’ve gone through the same thing at some point in your life.

TED speakers are some of the best people to ask when it comes to the most effective public speaking tips. They tell stories, which is the core of their mission during each presentation. Telling stories, after all, is one of the most effective forms of communication.

Human rights attorney and public speaker Bryan Stevenson has received the longest standing ovation ever given at a TED Talk. Carmine Gallo from Harvard Business Review shares that when he asked Steven about his speaking style, he says that he imagines talking to a friend over dinner, talking at an average of 190 words per minute, as compared to a motivational speaker who may go at 220 words per minute.

That said, he must have had something up his sleeve if he’s capable of coaxing his audience to a lasting standing ovation.

In March 2012, Stevenson held a TED Talk called We Need to Talk About an Injustice. Here, he talks about his grandmother and other people in his life, allowing him and the audience to establish a personal connection. What made it successful was its emotional arc—a compelling story of overcoming a relatable struggle.

If you don’t have a personal experience to share with your audience, tell them stories about real people—previous customers that have benefited from your company. Relevant real-life case studies are irresistible because the audience knows these are from other customers and not just opinions based on your thoughts alone.

Does your brand have an interesting origin story? You never know, this could be engaging and entertaining, like Airbnb’s—three guys making a few bucks by letting attendees at a local conference sleep at their place. Not only did this pay for the steep rent, but it also sparked a $30 billion-dollar idea.

TED Talks have stood out as an effective medium because it provides extensive information that’s easy to understand. But what else makes TED Talks special? Carmine Gallo boils its core elements down to three. He notes that the success of these presentations can be attributed to these three qualities:

  • Emotional
  • Novel
  • Memorable

Apart from these, top quality visuals are also necessary in engaging the audience. Consider consulting with PowerPoint presentation experts, it will prove a valuable step in the long term, especially for sales pitches.

Can you imagine having the power of TED speakers during presentations? To engage people until the end, making memorable pitches every time?

Storytelling is an art—an effective presentation technique. With passion, novel ideas, and memorable delivery, you’ll be able to pitch like a TED speaker. Keep these in mind and rehearse, rehearse, rehearse!

Back to the Future (of Marketing): Interactive Brochures

Your presentation is just the beginning, so don’t let your pitch end in the boardroom. In fact, take it further: have your audience take your company’s brand with them, wherever they go.

There are many types of collaterals that people can take home, but why stop there? Don’t just think in terms of physical items that they can carry around with them.

Here’s an idea: translate your usual print materials to digital media. That way, you don’t just reach out to your target market but you’ll also expand your network to other potential leads.

The Future Is Digital

Technology undeniably plays a big role today in people’s lives. For businesses, digital marketing proves to be an important tool in attracting prospects and increasing sales. Digital media helps marketers monitor what type of content people are more responsive to, allowing them to adapt accordingly. At a time when print is going digital, brochures and pamphlets can be converted into interactive sources.

Including interactive brochures in your digital marketing strategy benefits you in many ways. Paperless collaterals don’t only help the environment but also offer more accessibility than a traditional handout. People can view your company’s story anytime, anywhere, and you’ll even be able to track their interest in your business.Things like page analytics and data can help determine whether your content is drawing people in or not.

Take It Outside

Old-fashioned brochures stay with potential partners and clients. While these are good giveaways after a presentation, they reach a limited audience Take your content outside the boardroom and present your product and your story to other people.

There’s an available market online that you can’t tap into with word of mouth and networking alone. You can reach out to a wider audience faster by using people’s interconnectedness through digital media. At the same time, your existing customers are free to review your services from an easily downloadable interactive brochure. Expanding your partnerships and taking care of your current clients will be easier once you go digital.

Engaging the Audience

Interactivity is what makes the e-brochure so appealing. Unlike its paper counterpart, an interactive brochure can let you execute creative ideas that can only be possible with a digital medium. Although it’s basically a PDF version of your handout, you can put additional features, like an animation, that your viewers can interact with.

Aside from its availability in any electronic device, a digital brochure makes your content more engaging. If there’s one thing that should remain constant from your pitch to your marketing strategies, it’s audience engagement. You’re more likely to get investors by steering their attention towards you. Achieving the right combination of fun and professionalism in your e-brochure helps you get noticed.

Don’t give your prospects flat information. Make their experience interactive.

The Bottom Line: Go Big, Go Digital

Technology is a major game changer in the field of marketing. Don’t become outdated. Enter the new playing field and bring your product to a bigger market.

Making use of interactive brochures effectively attract and keep people’s attention. Its accessibility makes it easily available to anyone interested in your services. Prospects’ increased awareness of your brand boosts your sales leads and volume significantly.

Not sure where to start your digital marketing strategy? Consult with our SlideGenius designers today.



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