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We Know How To Design Winning Sales Slide Decks

Early Stage Sales Presentations

Early Stage Sales Presentations

Our SlideGenius sales deck specialists are here to help you profit from our proven strategies and practices. The start-up landscape is always changing. Our team has more than ten years of
know-how ready to make your sales assets spectacular sources of success.

Early Stage Sales Presentations

Inside and Outside Sales Teams

Are you operating an inside sales team leveraging sales enablement tools or just need some powerful proposals? SlideGenius delivers superior quality presentations to differentiate you from the competition. Our sales deck design process is the product of many years of pushing sales value to the limit. Our results speak for themselves.

Early Stage Sales Presentations

Conference, Seminar and Webinar Sales Decks

We know what it takes to bring your conventional sales presentation to life. We are dedicated to helping you land more sales. We design incredible pitches for the stage, online, and in the boardroom to promote supreme engagement.

Early Stage Sales Presentations

24/7 Sales Deck Design Support Servicing the Globe

At SlideGenius, we never sleep. More than 100 sales deck specialists are waiting to help you meet your goals, day or night. Whether it’s the VP of Sales president’s club keynote or presenting the important pitch to win that multi-million dollar client, we are masters of the sales pitch process and the design skills needed to succeed.

We Provide on-demand Presentation Design Solutions for Sales

The Problem

The Problem

Sales executives do not have the time, staff or expertise to develop high-end presentations at the level needed to win business.

The Solution

SlideGenius is an outsourced sales deck partner delivering high-quality PowerPoint presentation design in a fast turnaround environment.  Every designer on our staff goes through an intensive 8-week training course on everything PowerPoint. You can rest assured that your next sales deck will be on brand and on time, every time.

Executive - The Solution
The Result

The Result

The result is high-impact sales presentations that help your team sell more!  We’re a reliable in-house design team that has created over 5,000,000 slides for over 4,000 clients across the globe.

Beyond the Initial Sales Presentation Deck

Template Design

Sales Deck Template Design

At SlideGenius, we are at the forefront of the latest trends in sales deck customization. We create custom templates packed with the perfect visual elements to get the audience impact you deserve.

Strategy & Content

Sales Deck Strategy & Content

We’ve developed a proven strategic sales deck roadmap to prop you up and ensure successful results that has worked for thousands of entrepreneurs, start-up founders and corporate executives.

Executive Summaries

Tablet Presentations

Portable device compatibility is important for modern consultations and meetings. Have the perfect PowerPoint presentation prepared at a moment’s notice.

Printable Pitch Flip Books

Printable Sales Flipbooks

Your presentation shouldn’t be limited to projection screens alone. Our slides are crafted to be
print‐ready and easy to understand to efficiently meet the needs of any audience.

Empower Your Sales Team

In a fast-paced business world where communication and technological ease are the lifeblood of business, we are living in a “Screen Economy” and PowerPoint is still the king. Here at SlideGenius, we help corporations capitalize on their slide presentations, thus, dramatically increasing sales conversions. Many sales people have reported an increase of 25% to 50% in closed sales by using a highly visual and professional presentation from SlideGenius. Unless you’re a PowerPoint expert and have a lot of time on your hands, you need us. An investment in a professionally designed PowerPoint is financially practical—even essential—to ensure you’re not leaving business on the table.

Empower your Sales Team

Sales Deck Examples That Sell

Custom Professional Sales Deck Presentation Design

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Take your company’s sales deck slides to the next level by reaching out to one of our slide design consultants to provide your free project quote today. Our trained staff is ready to assist you with all your sales deck needs.