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Presentation Ideas from Great SlideShare Uploads

August 19, 2014 / Blog examples, presentation ideas, slideshare

Are you currently stuck on a blank PowerPoint screen? Don’t know how to begin the daunting task of creating an engaging presentation? It’s hard to move forward when inspiration is running low, so we’ve compiled 6 SlideShare uploads that can help you out of your predicament. Try and source some great presentation ideas from this list.

Steal This Presentation by Jesse Desjardins

presentation ideas - steal this presentation
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This slide show covers some useful info on presentation design. It gives a bit of insight about which colors to use for your deck, what kind of images can go with your presentation, and how to create a more interesting layout for each slide. It also includes a list of websites where you can download images and fonts. The main objective of Desjardins’ catchy post is to show that not every presentation needs to end with a Death by PowerPoint — not even yours.


Speaking Tips from Popular TED Talks by Dell

presentation ideas - tips from ted talks

The TED Conference has seen some of the best presentations in recent history. Get some presentation ideas from the techniques that make the best TED Talks stand out. The appeal of the TED talk is its inspiring and engaging speech. Audiences not only sit and listen to a speaker, they also relate to the presenter. Learn to move and inspire people with your words.


13 Steve Jobs Quotes About Design by Steve Young

presentation ideas - steve jobs design

Steve Jobs gave some of the most memorable presentations. He created a fun and engaging experience for audiences watching his product launches. What he was best known for in presentations was his ability to incorporate effective storytelling into his product pitch. Other than that, he’s a respected leader in innovating the tech industry. Learn more about his thoughts on design to inspire your own presentation.


Pixar’s 22 Rules to Phenomenal Storytelling by Gavin McMahon

presentation ideas - pixar storytelling

Pixar has been making films that are simple yet profound. If you’re feeling stuck, even after several brainstorming sessions, this can be a great source for presentation ideas. The animation company’s ability to reach out and relate to their audience through their storytelling is deeply rooted in a combination of fleshed out characters and organized narrative construction. Learn more about their storytelling technique and try applying it to your presentation content.

7 Rules of Content Marketing Design That Convert Customers by Uberflip

presentation ideas - content marketing design

Presentations can make a great addition to your content marketing strategy. In this SlideShare presentation, take note of the different design tips that can help you earn and engage a larger audience. Consistency and an engaging CTA are among the things you need to include in your design in order to get noticed.

How to Get Picked for the SlideShare Homepage by SlideShare

presentation ideas - slideshare feature

If you do decide to use presentations for content marketing, you need to upload them to a site like SlideShare. In this presentation, SlideShare offers advice to help you create eye-catching and memorable slides. The key to getting the most ‘views’ is effective PowerPoint design.


Presentation ideas still not coming to you? Keep browsing through SlideShare’s featured presentations until you find something that clicks. You can also visit our SlideShare profile for more inspiration.


Featured Image: Andrés Nieto Porras via Flickr