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Get the Best Out of Working with Presentation Design Experts

June 30, 2015 / Blog

You may have decided to work with a presentation design expert after realizing that it’ll save you time and money.

However, you can do more than simply leaving your existing collaterals and waiting for the first draft to be finished. Here are ways to get the best out of your decision to outsource your PowerPoint presentation design.

Provide Specific Instructions

Specificity is the key. It’s important to be detailed with what you want from presentation designers. This saves you more time, money and even gets you your desired outcome.

Being specific with your instructions lets designers visualize your idea with greater certainty. They can better give you what you’re looking for, while avoiding what you wouldn’t like.

Consequently, this lessens the amount of time designers have to spend working on your deck, lowering the final amount on your bill.

Know What You Want but Keep an Open Mind

An open mind makes you more receptive to ideas that improve on what you originally wanted.

Design is a long process that involves revisions. In the midst of these revisions, ideas spring out of nowhere. Presentation specialists understand your desire to keep your original vision or message. However, realize the value of an idea you hadn’t previously considered.

The success of the partnership focuses more directly on the results that the final deck can give, and indirectly on how much you stuck to your original vision. Have patience for suggestions, and consider all ideas before outright rejecting them.

Be Straight to the Point with Your Feedback

Remember that these are professionals that you’re working with. They expect that feedback can get harsh, and believe that the show must go on until the job is done.

Don’t be ashamed to be straight to the point with whatever you wish to say. Pulling your punches clouds the conversation, and possibly lead to more revisions. Be clear with which parts you wish to expound on, or which ones you wish to cut down.

This also helps designers point out what you like and what you don’t like, further narrowing down what you’re looking for.


You can’t go wrong with trusting professionals. Don’t just turn your files over and go on a holiday. Any partnership requires a collaborative approach to truly get the best.

Maintaining a healthy communication line with your presentation design expert is ideal when outsourcing your PowerPoints. Still on the fence? Contact us for a free quote!