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Does Keynote Have the Keys to Overpower PowerPoint? [Infographic]

September 1, 2015 / Blog Infographic, infographics, keynote vs powerpoint, Powerpoint, presentation consultant, presentation design, SlideGenius

PowerPoint gets a lot of hate because of all the slides that have accompanied boring lectures and business pitches. Mac users propose a solution to all your presentation problems in the form of Apple’s very own Keynote – a similar program which boasts better effects and stronger editing engine.

PowerPoint no doubt holds the seniority between the two, but as a relatively fresh contender, Apple Keynote’s release in 2003 has already marked it as notable competition. Compared to its predecessor, Keynote arguably has an engine better suited for graphics editing. Its fine-tuned tools are more organized and impressive. It also has more visually appealing slide templates. But because it’s been around longer, PowerPoint’s already undergone all the trial and error of a presentation tool.

Despite its cluttered interface, PowerPoint decks are compatible in both Mac and Microsoft, giving it extra points in terms of convenience. It handles text-heavy presentations better than Mac, too — although whether that’s a strength or a weakness is up to the user to decide. Mac’s graphics-friendly interface may be more suitable for visuals-heavy presentations, but PowerPoint can accommodate all types of presentations for all types of presenters.

The points raised in defense of each are valid, but these programs are undeniably still evolving. Both hold their own strengths and weaknesses, and still have plenty of room for improvement. This could get confusing pretty soon, so we created a short infographic to compare these two programs’ strengths and weaknesses.

Who will come out on top as the champion of presentation design software?

Take a look and see: