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Designing a Killer Brand Logo

February 28, 2017 / Blog, Design, Infographics design tips, Designing a Logo, infographics, logo design, powerpoint designer, presentation, Rick Enrico, SlideGenius

An illustration of a person at a desk, drawing with a pencil. Behind them is a wall clock, books, and a camera. A screen displays the text "SLIDEgenius" in three different styles. The heading above reads "Designing a Killer Brand Logo." Perfect for enhancing your Pitch Deck with innovative Slide Design.

The next time you’re in a busy street, look around. Amongst the number of people whizzing past are signs and symbols you may or may not gloss over. What are those, you ask? Well, if you’re savvy, many of them will stir up memories, emotions, or sentiments—or any combination of the three—about a product and/or company. If you’re not, though, then you’re bound to see them again somewhere. By then, you’re familiar with how it looks.

Look at any business entity, and you will be met with signs and/or symbols. What are they? Those are the face—the visual representatives—of companies. It’s more than just a mark for any organization. It’s one of the primary means of communicating to and with the customers without actually talking to them. Think body language with humans. It’s practically the same.

And in very much the same vein that nonverbal communication inspires trust and emotions for people, so too do logos for organizations. With the correct associations for an image or a symbol, it can become the only thing people need to trust your company. In a way, you could say that logos could make or break businesses. Entrepreneurs should be wary and very serious about it.

You may then say, “There are big things at stake from something that is supposed to be just a simple insignia.” You can bet it is. That’s why there are lots of pitfalls to avoid when designing one. If that doesn’t speak of the gravity of having a bad logo, then you need to understand the sentence above: “It’s more than just a mark for any organization.” It will be arguably the most recognizable part of your business, so nailing it down perfectly is very important.

So how do you design your very own killer logo? Check the following infographic to have an idea about the different considerations for the next it thing in the world of brands.


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