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Building a Strong Business Plan with the Use of Funds Slide

September 26, 2023 / Blog

A well-structured business plan outlines a business’s vision, mission, and strategies, providing a roadmap to success. However, one pitch deck slide that often stands out for investors and lenders alike is the Use of Funds slide.

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Let’s explore why a business plan is essential, what the Use of Funds slide entails, and how to make it an asset that propels your business forward.

The Role of a Business Plan

Before diving into the specifics of the Use of Funds slide, let’s take a moment to understand the broader role of a business plan. It’s not just a document; it’s the blueprint for your business’s future. A well-crafted business plan:

  • Defines Your Vision: It lays out your business’s purpose, mission, and values. It clarifies what your company stands for and where it’s headed.
  • Attracts Stakeholders: Investors, lenders, and partners often require a business plan before committing their resources. A solid plan can captivate their interest and support.
  • Guides Decision-Making: It’s your compass for making informed decisions. From marketing strategies to financial projections, your plan ensures you stay on the right track.

Understanding the Use of Funds Slide

The Use of Funds slide offers a snapshot of how you intend to allocate the capital you seek. It’s not just about stating the sum; it’s detailing where every dollar will go.

What Is It?

The Use of Funds slide is a visual representation of your financial strategy. It succinctly outlines how much money you need, what you’ll use it for, and over what timeframe.

Why It Matters

This slide is a make-or-break element of your plan. Investors want to know that you will put their investment to good use—and this slide tells them precisely that.


The Use of Funds slide is typically in the early parts of the financial slides, right after your funding requirements. It sets the stage for the nitty-gritty financial details that follow.

Components of a Strong Use of Funds Slide

A compelling Use of Funds slide isn’t just about numbers but displaying clarity and precision. Here are the key components you should include:

  • Funding Allocation: State clearly how much capital you’re seeking. Be specific. Investors appreciate a precise figure.
  • Purpose of Funds: Detail what the money will be used for. Whether it’s product development, marketing, or hiring, be specific about your intentions.
  • Timeline: Investors want to know when they can expect to see returns. Include a timeline indicating when the funds will be deployed and when results are anticipated.

Clarity is Key

Avoid vague or ambiguous language. Make it easy for anyone reading the slide to understand where the money is going.

Aligning the Slide with Business Goals

Your Use of Funds slide shouldn’t operate in isolation. It should seamlessly align with your broader business goals and strategies. Here’s the reason why alignment matters:

  • Credibility: When your Use of Funds slide harmonizes with your business strategy, it instills confidence in investors. They see that you have a cohesive plan for success.
  • Supports Strategy: Ensure that the allocation of funds supports your overarching business strategy. If you’re emphasizing growth, allocate funds accordingly.
  • Transparency: Investors appreciate transparency. They want to see a logical connection between the capital you’re seeking and your business’s goals.

Addressing Risk and Contingency Planning

Investors are savvy individuals. They understand that risks are inherent in business. Thus, addressing risks in your Use of Funds slide demonstrates foresight and a willingness to adapt.

Risk Mitigation

Alongside the allocation of funds, consider including how you plan to mitigate risks. For example, set aside a portion of funds as a contingency for unforeseen challenges.

Contingency Plans

If your business faces a particular risk, such as supply chain disruptions, mention how you’ll navigate these hurdles using the allocated funds.

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The Use of Funds slide is a pivotal element within your business plan, captivating investors and ensuring the alignment of financial strategies with broader business goals. By crafting a clear, precise, and well-thought-out slide, you set the stage for attracting support and achieving success in your entrepreneurial journey.