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4 Personality Types That Presentation Experts Use Onstage

July 17, 2015 / Blog

People with interesting personalities make effective and memorable business speakers.

Having a strong personality makes it easier to draw audience attention and get your message across. It’s one key factor that gives your presentation extraordinary impact.

Your PowerPoint presentation is a reflection of you. Embody the right personality that sums up your main idea and purpose.

Below are four personality types for constructing and delivering your talks like a presentation experts.

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The Sage

Establish yourself as the hero of information – the sage. This speaker personality type is effective when communicating a specific topic to your audience in a way that’s easier to understand.

Exemplify this by providing well-researched arguments and relevant data that support your subject matter in the form of handouts, tables, graphs, charts or spreadsheets.

The Jester

Overly complex and serious discussions send your audiences to sleep. Avoid this by borrowing your presentation style from a jester, the hero of laughter

Engage your listeners by telling a story, cracking a joke, or doing anything that brings humor to your presentation.

The Monarch

Establishing a royal image commands influence and great presence onstage. This personality can be seen in your stance, manner of walking and business voice.

Handling your presentation with grace and authority tells your audience that you can meet their needs and expectations, gaining you the credibility that a true monarch deserves.

The Wizard

Wizards are popular agents of change and heroes of transformation. Adapting their character is perfect for persuasive approaches.

This speaker personality type stimulates and enacts responses whether from personal biases or acts of encouragement. Consider this as your foundation when creating common ground between you and your audience.


Whatever your purpose is, your personality must harmonize and link with your presentation idea. Cultivate these four personality types to foster ideal audience participation and make a measurable impact.

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