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Presentation Resolutions: 3 Tips to Help You Progress This Year

The start of a new year, a  chance to re-create your values and start fresh. Most of us think of resolutions as ways we can change for the better and improve. We can apply these same New Year’s resolution concepts to enhance your professional presentation skills.

Focusing on improvements will always steer you in the right direction when delivering effective presentations with any type of content and to any type of audience. Taking little steps such as preparing a script or starting with a storyboard will allow you to over time to become a presentation specialist. Below are a few simple yet impactful, changes that you can begin to adapt in the new year.

Taking Charge of Your Public Speaking Fear

ted conference

Public speaking comes easily to very few. Make it a goal to improve your presenting skills with tips and resources from some of the world’s best. Watch famous speeches and learn from these speaker’s traits,  you can find some great presenters from TEDx Talk Events. The only way to truly enhance and improve your public speaking abilities is to practice, which overall means giving more presentations. You can even practice for a colleague or co-worker before your big presentation, and taking small steps like these will help you feel more comfortable speaking in front of any audience.

Using More Pathos

Graffiti: Creativity and Customer Acquisition

Though your presentation needs to be composed properly with enhancing content and ideas, making your presentation memorable. You can reach your audience’s emotions by utilizing powerful stories, images, graphs – even color schemes! Try to do something different in each one of your presentations, while still keeping an organized outline using a storyboard, take it to the next level. Spend a few extra minutes preparing this by using creative content, ideas and themes, ask yourself- would this presentation be entertaining to you?

Being Honest, No Matter What

cross finger

Being a credible presenter is being the best kind of presenter. Your audience only believes in your ideas and content if they believe in you. Though your audience may throw you off once in a while with tricky questions or concerns, remember to always be honest in your response. Always do your back research and cross-check on multiple sites for data accuracy and cite accordingly. Another good way to earn credibility as a presenter is to ask for feedback at the end of your presentation. Teach more and sell less, engage constantly and make sure you look as professional as you sound.



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3 Reasons You Should Hire a PowerPoint Specialist

The internet has greatly boosted the speed and quality of how people share and develop knowledge. Web culture has spawned a new generation of people with an independent can-do mindset, and presentation design isn’t an exception.

This is exactly why you’ll need experts in the field to give you advice. You can go places with your presentation pitch deck if you have someone that understands your brand’s value, and the best marketing tools that your message needs.

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As an excellent presenter, don’t show up with an amateur presentation that distracts and disengages your audience.

Here are three important reasons to hire a PowerPoint specialist:

They Can Tell Your Story

A lot of companies give their sales associates freedom with their presentation designs, causing them to stray from the story you want your brand to tell. Audiences appreciate presentations that speak in a language consistent with the same story as your brand.

Professional presentation designers provide decks that stay true to your core identity, ensuring that your audience gets the right message, as inconsistency between your visual design and your speech confuse and tune your audience out. If you’re a high-class brand, no one will invest in you if your slides are cluttered and use eye-searing colors. Unity between your brand story and presentation deck effectively complements and conveys your message.

Having trouble narrowing down your company’s narrative? A team of experienced marketing specialists can streamline your brand story to better reflect your core values and your company identity.

They Can Wow Your Audience

A PowerPoint presentation specialist can provide exemplary, eye-catching, and engaging decks. Expect no less from people who do this for a living.

PowerPoint specialists can fulfill all your presentation needs and more. Do you need striking visual design? You deserve it. Do you want your logo animated? They can do that for you. How about a video in your presentation? They can make one from scratch.

A design that complements your purpose gets your message across. Audiences appreciate uniform content, visual elements, and purpose, making them feel like you know exactly what you’re talking about. This increases the chance of converting budding interest into positive action.

They Can Boost Your Confidence

A PowerPoint presentation is merely a visual aid, but don’t underestimate the importance of coming up to bat with a well-designed pitch deck. Stepping into the spotlight is much easier when you can focus on presenting. You free up resources to concentrate on improving your service’s other aspects or preparing as a presenter, instead of worrying about how your template should look or what image will exemplify the concept you’re talking about in one glance.

A professionally designed pitch deck can increase customer trust and engagement, making your job simpler and your goals easier to achieve. With fewer things to worry about, you’ll also have more time and money to improve your actual product or service, creating a positive feedback loop that begins and ends with excellent service.

Effective presentation design involves a lot of preparation. The process involves unifying your brand, your core message, and your specific purpose. If you think your brand warrants only the best, then you need the assistance of true presentation professionals.

Call up one of our PowerPoint specialists, and let’s get you started on that pitch deck that your brand deserves!

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3 Reasons Why You Need a PowerPoint Presentation Specialist

In an age where computers and technology are rapidly becoming more and more user friendly, it’s common for people to adapt a do-it-yourself mindset when it comes to PowerPoint presentations. Sure, covering the basics of throwing together a PowerPoint is something anyone can do, but to do it well and effectively–that takes expertise.

Here are three of our favorite reasons why leaving your presentation design to the experts is not only preferred, it’s imperative to your and your company’s success.

Consistency and Brand Recognition

An example of a creative, engaging slide by SlideGenius.

Many large sales companies allow their sales associates to have a good amount of free reign during corporate sales presentations, but this often includes letting these sales people craft and present their own PowerPoint presentations, which can often lead to lack of synergy and a muddled corporate identity.

With a unified, clearly discernible PowerPoint, your company can present itself in a consistently professional manner, avoid ambiguity in your sales strategy, and allow for creativity in the field within a controlled context. It also sets the standard of excellence for presentations throughout the company.

Make a Memorable Impact

Sadly, many are okay skimping by with just an adequate presentation, but there’s a world of difference between a passable presentation and one that’s going to make an impression, and ingrain what you have to say into your audience’s memory.

A great presentation, one designed by the specialists who do it for a living, is a carefully crafted narrative accompanied by graphic designs that visualize your message in a way that’s easily digestible and highly impactful.

We all know the moments where we need to present at the top of our game, and unless you happen to be an expert PowerPoint designer, that wont happen if you show up with a home-made presentation.

Exemplify Your Skills

A PowerPoint presentation is a visual aid. It’s an element in your presentation; it’s not a presentation in itself. You, or whoever it is that will be presenting, should always be the key component in the presentation. However, without a strong visual representation of your message, all the passion and clarity will be diminished.


Furthermore, a presentation that doesn’t show creativity, passion, and competency can have a serious correlation to how your entire business is perceived. You might be a computer programming company, a lackluster presentation will still reflect poorly on your ability to do the job, whatever that job may be. Show that you are a competent, professional company in all aspects, and confidence in all aspects of your work will follow.

Pitch Yourself: The Importance of an Interview Presentation

As we’ve stated before, first impressions are hugely important, especially in the business world. When given the opportunity to give a presentation interview to recruiters or potential employers, always keep in mind that it’s a way to show your capability, personality, and professionalism.

The potential to impress when given the opportunity for an interview presentation cannot be understated. And while you could craft your own presentation and perhaps do an adequate job, this is your chance to knock them off their feet with a professional presentation that will show your interviewers that you’re the real deal.

Many think that SlideGenius and other professional presentation designers are just for corporate clients or entrepreneurs giving investor presentations, but there are an endless amount of scenarios where a presentation specialist can make all the difference.

While we highly recommend recruiting the expertise of a PowerPoint expert to ensure that your competition is no match for the impression you’ll make, there are a few other tips for the interview presentation that you should keep in mind.

Consider Your Audience

This is a good rule of thumb for any presentation, but it’s especially important when making an impression on future employers. Do as much research on who you’re going to be in the room with you before you enter.

-What is their professional background?

-What are their job duties at the company you’re interviewing with? What will be your professional relationship with them?

-What questions can you anticipate being asked by them based on their expertise?

For God’s Sake, Groom Yourself!

There are so many well-qualified candidates that lose job opportunities because of careless grooming, despite how easy this aspect of the interview is. Unless you’re a sixteen-year-old kid applying for the Burger King down the street, poor grooming and appearance in an interview is inexcusable.

Renowned thief of the Declaration of Independence and actor Nicholas Cage
Despite his prowess as an actor, Nicholas Cage is one of the many examples of unscrupulous grooming and unprofessional attire.

If you’re unsure about your ability to present a pristine front, outfit yourself in your interview attire and ask a friend to critique you as brutally honest as they can.

Prove your Leadership and Communication Skills

Recruiters request a presentation interview to test your potential to represent a company in a confident, assured way, and to present yourself in the process. In doing this, you’re expected to do more than merely expound upon your experience and qualifications, you’re expected to do it in in a way that inspires confidence in who you’re interviewing with, and to show that you can be a positive face for the company.