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Use Inclusive Words to Connect During Sales Presentation

Aside from crafting an effective PowerPoint sales presentation, one powerful way to connect with your audience is to use inclusive words. More than the content, visuals, and performance, your listeners want you to show that you care about them.

According to keynote speaker Kristin Arnold in her book, Boring to Bravo, inclusive pronouns such as “we,” “our,” and “us” create a lasting connection with your audience, making them feel included in your speech.

Instead of using “you” and “your,” incorporate inclusive words to indicate that they’re part of your presentation.

Turning “You” into “We”

Help your audience understand that your goal is to connect with them.

As public speaking consultant, Steven D. Cohen suggests, “You must solve this problem” differs from “We must solve this problem.”

The former indicates that your audience is solely accountable, while the latter signifies that both you and your audience are responsible, letting them realize that you can work things out together.

It’s All About Them

It’s normal to worry about how you look while performing or how your pitch will compel audiences to purchase your product.

The entire speaking engagement isn’t about you. It’s all about them.

They must first know if you’re addressing their needs rather than your own. Make them see that you’re not selling at all.

Understanding Their Beliefs and Interests

Before writing your speech, learn your audience’s background and culture. This is why

This is why audience analysis is important. Your pitch’s content should be relatable to each group of individuals.

Make your pitch sound more conversational and add a personal touch to capture their attention faster.

Telling your own stories helps them relate to what you’re saying, making them more interested in your speech.

Listen and Adjust

To show that you care about your audience’s needs, observe their behavior while delivering your speech. S

Since you’re in control of the entire presentation, focus on your audience rather than yourself. If you take

If you take time to listen, you can adjust your technique while speaking, depending on your audience’s reactions.

This prevents you from losing their interest and ending your performance ineffectively.


Inclusive words make your presentation more powerful and engaging, connecting you with your audience in a way that keeps them interested and convinces them that you value them more than anyone else.

If you want to learn more about making appealing presentations, SlideGenius can help you out to address this concern.



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