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Trade Show Tips: Things to Remember On the Exhibit Floor

Exhibiting at a trade show? Industry events can turn into a great business opportunity if you know how to do to it right. According to Chief Marketer‘s Ruth Stevens, the terrifying possibility of customer rejection can be tempered by some measures. Here’s our take on these trade show do’s and don’t’s.

Aside from networking with potential clients, you’ll be able to show off your latest offers and learn more about the trends in your field. In order to get the best outcome from your endeavor, make sure to follow these trade show tips when you’re on the exhibit floor.

Trade Show Tip #1: Train your team to work together for a common goal

Trade shows can be tricky because you’ll be sharing the stage with other people. In order to make sure everyone is on the same page, you need to plan and prepare with your entire team. You want everyone in your booth to work together for a common goal.

You want everyone to be in sync, instead of competing with each other. Hold meetings where you and your team can discuss what you want to achieve during the trade show. Allow them to contribute to making plans. Most importantly, include periodic training sessions to make sure your staff is well-prepped for the big day.

Trade Show Tip #2: Watch the crowd for potential clients

I think part of being a good entrepreneur involves being a keen observer. As you explore the different booths on the exhibit floor, keep an eye out for potential clients.

If you find someone that could make a good prospect, don’t be afraid to introduce yourself and make polite conversation. Train your team to do the same thing while they’re manning your booth.

Trade Show Tip #3: Learn to take no for an answer

Conversing with prospects is important. In fact, trade shows are a great venue for it. But if they turn down your pitch, be courteous and respect their decision. That person was probably looking for something else and your solution wasn’t it.

Again, learn to be sensitive to the people you’re networking with. If they’re not interested, don’t work to change their mind. Instead, work hard to engage the people who might be.

Trade Show Tip #4: Always share your contact information

To nurture the relationships you’ve made during the event, don’t forget to hand out business cards or flyers with your contact information.

Similarly, you should compile all the business cards you were able to connect and reach out to prospects as soon as you can.

Trade Show Tip #5: Be friendly but professional

It’s important to keep a warm atmosphere during a trade show. The people who approach your booth should always feel welcome.

Always be friendly and approachable, but keep in mind that this is still a professional event.



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Featured Image: Sam Galison via Flickr

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