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The Best Presentations Use PowerPoint for Business

April 6, 2016 / Blog powerpoint for business, powerpoint presentation, Powerpoint tips, Rick Enrico, SlideGenius

The Best Presentations Use PowerPoint for Business

It’s a bold claim to make, but with our growing list of happy clients, it’s safe to say that our professional presentations have made them satisfied partners indeed.

To get your pitch off the ground, you’ll most likely need maybe one or two investors to help you. Chances are, they’re going to see your pitch through PowerPoint.

Hire Experts to Maximize Your Pitch

The program was developed to give speakers control over their design decisions. These days, however, no one has that kind of time on their hands. This is why hiring professional presentation designers can save you time and money. Excellent visuals and layouts will give your slides a more professional look, maximizing audience engagement.

PowerPoint experts specialize in crafting a customized pitch, allowing you to have more time to focus on your delivery instead. You can dedicate your time rehearsing for your speech to help you prepare for your presentation.

With so much time and effort spent in making sure you and your PowerPoint are in top condition, the program itself is a vital part of maximizing your pitch.

PowerPoint with Personality

You’re not just there to read off a bunch of slides whenever you pitch. You stand before the audience to tell your story in an engaging and effective manner so that they know why they should invest their time and money on you.

Jack Morton’s team, a global marketing agency, noted that people responded to work that appeals to basic human emotions like fun and excitement. Depending on your branding strategy, you can combine this with a more conversational tone in delivering your pitch to communicate your brand as authentic and trustworthy.

Instead of just listing out the figures and facts, simplify your pitch to show what this information means for your audience. Then highlight the core values of your brand, be it providing quality products or building relationships with its customers.

Standard Compatibility Reaches More Prospects

Other presentation programs are available, such as Prezi and Keynote, but you can reach out to more people with PowerPoint simply because more people use it. To cite another figure, PowerPoint’s share of the presentation software market is a whopping 95% according to a 2012 Bloomberg report. You might end up inconveniencing someone when your file format requires the addition of a different program to view your file.

Don’t stand out the wrong way by not following the standard. Stand out the right way by conducting your business professionally with PowerPoint. It’s a matter of refining design and content to get your brand’s identity and values across.

You Deserve Only the Best

The biggest, most widely used professional software for creating presentations has been, and still is, PowerPoint. Any business will benefit from creating their pitch in this program tested by time. You can get more done by having a team of PowerPoint experts create your deck for you. Invest time in yourself and your PowerPoint to reap the full benefits of an excellent pitch.

Business is all about collaboration. We make professional decks using the standard software practices, so you can devote more time to yourself and your business.

Consult with a team that will understand your brand to develop your pitch. A professionally made deck will help you find your brand’s voice. Your story deserves to be heard.



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