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Tech Talk: Mastering PowerPoint for Product Launch Presentations

July 1, 2014 / Blog, Insight, PowerPoint ideas, PowerPoint Tips software product announcements, technology powerpoint tips

Many companies have been opting to announce upcoming products at major events. This is especially prevalent in the technology and software industries.

Earlier this month, Apple introduced everyone to iOS8 and OS X Yosemite at WWDC 2014. Similarly, several video game developers announced details of their forthcoming titles at E3 2014.

A software product announcement is crucial to generating buzz around your pending release. It’s a type of presentation that’s similar to a product pitch. Previously, you pitched in board rooms to potential investors. Now, you’re introducing your big idea out to the public.

Just like any other presentation, software product announcements need to be both engaging and informative.

Do that by tapping into your audience’s visual sense with technology PowerPoint slides. Keep these pointers in mind when making a technology PowerPoint for the occasion:

1. Create a slide that hooks your audience

The beginning of your technology PowerPoint should have a slide that perfectly summarizes the product you’re presenting to the market.

This slide should have a sound bite that reporters and potential users can easily relay. When Steve Jobs first introduced the iPhone in 2007, the sound bite was, “iPhone: Apple reinvents the phone”. Make the slide even more appealing by adding visuals of your software at work.

2. Tell a short but meaningful story

You’ve heard this tip before. It’s important for almost every type of presentation you can give. And it’s especially crucial for creating technology PowerPoint presentations meant to introduce new software to the masses.

Skip long-winded explanations about the unique technological positioning of your product. Instead, get to the heart of it. What is your new software for? How is it important to people?

But don’t get too carried away with the story-telling, as well. Make it meaningful, but short enough to be memorable.

3. Describe your product creatively

Of course, your product should feature heavily throughout the technology PowerPoint presentation.

But more than just explaining the hypothetical nuts and bolts behind your software, you should describe your software in a way that’s relevant to your target market.

4. Choose color schemes that are consistent with your product

It’s important to choose color schemes that are consistent with your software.

This way, your audience can easily become with your product, even if it’s just on an aesthetic level.

Other basic presentation design rules you should follow include using easy-to-read fonts and high-contrasting colors for text and background.

5. Show-off with demos

This is the part of your technology PowerPoint that matters most. Back up all your previous slides by showing a video clip that demonstrates how your software works.

The best way to explain your new product is by showing everyone how it works. Amp up the anticipation around your software by showing only a quick peek at the software.

If you still need help coming up with creative and professional designs for your presentation, don’t hesitate to contact us for a quick consultation. You can view some of our software and technology PowerPoint slides in our portfolio.



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Feature Image from Wikimedia Commons