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How to use PowerPoint templates

The following article is a transcript from a our video product, “Intro to PowerPoint XP.”

You’ve opened PowerPoint and you’re ready to design your first presentation. But how do you begin? There are a couple of approaches you could take, depending upon your temperament and design skills.

  1. You could jump right in and start typing text, adding background colors, and experiment with your font colors and styles. (not recommended)
  2. You could use a pre-configured template.

Unless you have great design skills, I recommend creating your first presentation using a pre-made template. Microsoft has done us a favor … they’ve hired a team of artists and graphic designers, people with experience with color-schemes and typography, to design a large collection of “template” styles. These templates come complete with backgrounds, pictures, and pre-chosen fonts and colors.

The quality of these pre-installed templates is actually pretty good, though some may need a little “tweaking” to look perfect. If you aren’t satisfied with the default templates, you can also find free templates online. There are also many websites out there selling professional-looking templates.

There are a couple of ways to apply a template. When you first open up a blank PowerPoint presentation, go over to the task pane and choose a template. If you can’t find the templates in the Task Pane, go up to the file menu and click
[Format – Slide Design]



When you click on the template thumbnail, the style is applied to your slide. Actually, the template changes all your slides. If you only want the current slide to change, click the little arrow to the right of the template button and chose [apply to selected slides].

I recommend using a template when designing your first site. In fact, I “always” use templates, as this is the easiest way to make your PowerPoint show look professional. If you change your mind later, it’s always easy to switch to another template!

Top PowerPoint Designers in the United States

Microsoft Corporation has several solution providers who offer support for their array of applications and one that stands out is SlideGenius. This solution is used to design PowerPoint presentations and has helped many mid-level enterprises to make huge improvements with their presentations. The company bases all its activities on the premise that first impressions are the most important. The presentations are custom created with engaging content and graphics which have the greatest impact on the viewer. A presentation created by SlideGenius will involve the creation of branded templates, animation, additional images as well as any other consultation regarding presentations.

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This is the PowerPoint age and majority of presentations use this platform to put across certain subject matters in form of a presentation. Many companies and individual entrepreneurs may not have established the power of effective presentations and SlideGenius greatly advocates the use of the services to stimulate sales. According to their research, a number of enterprises have already registered up to a 25 percent increase in sales just by having an effective presentation. Anderson consulting did a survey that indicated that most sales people indicated that their lack of sufficient PowerPoint skills has made them make fewer sales than they are capable of.

A SlideGenius supported PowerPoint presentation is able to greatly improve a company’s reputation thus, boosting the confidence that customers have in an enterprise. Sales leads can further be increased which in turn raises the volume of sales. Business people and other corporate entities need to recognize that passing the right message across is one of the most important steps in reaching the intended objectives. With the amount of work that SlideGenius has done so far, they have amassed great experience in producing individual slides or full presentations and the intellectual property from the client is never published. The end result that is produced by SlideGenius is able to appropriately fit a company’s profile in addition to making sure that the message being put across is fitting.

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A major advantage with SlideGenius is that for them to begin any work for a client the appropriate staff will have to carry out a consultation to know the nature of the presentation to be formulated. Furthermore, this consultation is free of charge. SlideGenius as an entity is always putting in sufficient effort to advance the trade and recently they enhanced their service by integrating BringIt technology which will improve the appearance of presentations. The technology blends PowerPoint messaging and online video streaming technology. The resultant product is an optimized PowerPoint messaging platform that enhances the presentation experience.

SlideGenius has received plenty of accolades as a result of its superior performance and the latest one was the Slideboom presentation contest where it received a bronze medal for the PowerPoint design competition. As a result of all the good work done by SlideGenius the service has been used by many corporates to help in the improvement of their presentations, marketing drives and sales pitches. The positive response from clients is testament of a superior service.

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SlideGenius PowerPoint Design Solutions for Business

SlideGenius is a company that provides services and solutions for PowerPoint design. SlideGenius is the leading provider of PowerPoint solutions. SlideGenius’ PowerPoint design team has won several awards which include the third place in “SlideBoom’s Worldwide PowerPoint design contest”.

The CEO of SlideGenius is Rick Enrico who stated that they are big fans of the extensive platform capabilities and expansive features of Slideboom. This was the reason why Slideboom became the ideal solution provider for them. The Power Point presentation which SlideGenius has created for their client MatrixMT got them in to the Slideboom contest. That presentation was about best of breed SEO marketing services and the animation flow. The PowerPoint for SlideGenius, which won the third place, was designed and developed by Richmond Pagaduan, the lead designer, who has been using PowerPoint for about 2 years.

Headquartered in San Diego, SlideGenius designs and creates Microsoft Power Point solutions for small to mid – sized to large companies who want to improve their presentation, marketing efficiency and sales results.

The “Slideboom Presentation Contest” was held from May 18th, 2009 – June 21st, 2009. The participants submitted PowerPoint presentations on Career, Education, Business and other subjects. This contest is a launching pad for small and mid – sized companies to show case their creative potential. SlideGenius was one among them and won  3rd place.

The SlideGenius team has over twenty five years of experience in providing appealing PowerPoint presentations for several clients. The pitch deck specialists at SlideGenius understand that making a good first impression is the key to getting the business deal. Therefore, the experts at SlideGenius will spend quality time and effort in creating a highly engaging and attractive presentation to create the maximum impact. This will reduce the weight on the speakers shoulder by a big extent. If you need a professional PowerPoint presentation in a very short period of time, then SlideGenius will be able to create it for you before your deadline.

The services provided by SlideGenius are:

Presentation creation

Customization of branded template

PowerPoint Animation

Pitch Deck Creation

Video and audio file integration

Custom designs

Pdf, print friendly, locked presentation and original versions are available

Presentation consultation

The PowerPoint creation team at SlideGenius are highly experienced and create presentations that contain video files, sound tracks and are interactive. The video files can explain the products by displaying it on the screen, the sound tracks can explain the important features and making the session interactive will arouse the interest of the audiences.

PowerPoint Design Specialists SlideGenius Adds BringIt To Client Base

San Diego, CA – June 13, 2009 – SlideGenius, one of the fastest growing Microsoft PowerPoint solution providers, announced today a strategic alliance with one of the hottest online gaming companies, BringIt.

SlideGenius’ PowerPoint design specialists plan to integrate BringIt’s unique offering into SlideGenius design elements in order to offer BringIt’s Investor Group an advanced visual representation of BringIt’s superior technology.

”SlideGenius’ PowerPoint pitch deck design team will allow BringIt to effectively communicate and refine our messaging, with the SlideGenius’ team we expect to increase our current investment opportunities significantly.” said Woodrow Levin, CEO, BringIt, Inc.

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SlideGenius is passionate about combining PowerPoint presentation with the effectiveness of online video and tying it all together with detailed refined animation. Their mission is to continually change the way the world looks at presentation interactivity and how to productively leverage visual representation. The SlideGenius philosophy consists of “Customized PowerPoint Pitch Deck Solutions”, an environment that educates, motivates and develops individual solutions to achieve and obtain measurable, realistic goals while optimizing their client’s chance for a successful and results driven presentation experience. SlideGenius currently operates a presentation development studio in San Diego, California.


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