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September 22, 2009 / Blog AVI, Design Experts, Limited Availability, MPG, Offer Expires, Powerpoint

SlideGenius provides many useful services in creating an effective and attractive PowerPoint Presentation. We have the best and most experienced team of PowerPoint designers, in the US and the overseas, who will be working with you.

A good PowerPoint presentation will impress your business partners and clients and get you the deal whereas a bad one will not only cost you the deal but may also put your job in jeopardy. SlideGenius creates professional PowerPoint designs that will impress everybody sitting in the room.

There are several great ways to use Microsoft PowerPoint. You can make displays, videos, sounds and even animations. PowerPoint animation utilizes custom animation, slides and drawing tools which can be used to make your business presentation more effective and interesting.

Custom Animation is a sequence of effects which is applied to one or more objects in the PowerPoint so that the slide show is animated. These functionalities come under “Custom Animation”. It can also be done by using “Visual Basic for Applications” or VBA. The experts at SlideGenius will use the best of this technology to make an animated slide show for you according to your needs. We also use another feature called, “Animation Trigger”. This creates objects that will get triggered when they are clicked.

At SlideGenius, we make your PowerPoint effective by integrating video and audio. Video files are available in several formats. However, only 3 of them work well with PowerPoint:




If you give us the video and audio files we will integrate it in your PowerPoint presentation in key places so that your audiences will be impressed.

We also offer power point consultation services. PowerPoint presentation is a major form of marketing your product, today. If it is not done properly then you will repel your customers. We have a professional team which will help you create the PowerPoint presentation that will hit the mark.

“Call to Action” phrases will capture a quick response, only if embedded in the right slides. Some examples could be:

Offer Expires on 10/11/08

2 weeks only!!

Call now!

Free consultation – First 10 customers only

Limited Availability

Such phrases if inserted at the right places will attract a large number of people. Our expert team will decide which calls to action are suitable for your business and insert them in the right places.

For more information about updating your company’s PowerPoint presentation, please contact us

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