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Set Objectives to Make a Focused Marketing Presentation

July 24, 2015 / Blog effective presentations, presentation goals, Rick Enrico, SlideGenius, teamwork

Do you blast information in your marketing presentation right before finishing with a call-to-action or a thank you slide?

Even with a complete slide, you could leave your audience scratching their heads, meaning your deck lacked focus. Practice focusing on your overall message by clearly defining your goals. There are numerous benefits you can gain from this in terms of enhancing your deck and optimizing your pitch. Here are some of them:

Facilitates Communication

Knowing your objectives tells you what you need to do. It affects both your written content and your design choices. Definite goals help you determine what which details are important enough to keep on your deck, and which should be left for explanation through your speech. This avoids confusion and clutter, and leads more space for you to work on your delivery style.

Goals also let you gauge what your approach to delivering your presentation should be. If you want to simply inform a crowd, maybe a more neutral and straightforward tone will do. However, if your goal is to engage and entertain, more humor and personal stories related to your pitch are needed to create an emotional bond between  you and the audience.

Paves the Way for Better Planning

Plan out your deck by specifying what you want to accomplish. This allows for a more streamlined look and design process. Meaningful and specific objectives guide you to make decisions that save time and effort.

In an organization, having a common goal you’re all working towards will create more efficient results. According to Demand Media’s George Root III, teamwork lets you identify effective task delegation to departments most suited to handle them. As an individual, your goal will be the glue that holds the entire structure of your presentation together once you deliver it.

Simplifies Measurement and Evaluation of Results

Spell out your objectives to set a bar for adequately measuring success and failure. An effective set of guiding objectives is measurable, making it easier to determine if your efforts worked. If they failed, they set parameters for improving your future work.


Don’t neglect to determine your objectives early on in your process. It’s a step that doesn’t consume much time and effort, yet offers a lot of benefits down the line.

Setting realistic marketing objectives are a vital part of every marketing presentation. People forget to set objectives because they don’t see the value of it…yet. This is something that’s easy to change, and is hard to forget when you’ve got the hang of it.

If you need a more focused marketing presentation ASAP, our PowerPoint specialists are ready to get you a deck that speaks for your brand and your voice.



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