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September 3, 2009 / Blog audience, Microsoft Windows, presentation, presentation design

PowerPoint is a program that is used for presentation and is part of the Microsoft Office Suite created by Microsoft. PowerPoint runs on both operating systems of Apples Mac and Microsoft Windows. The application is preferred by many educators, business people, trainers and students as one of the most persuasive form of technology. The most current PowerPoint version is the PowerPoint 2007 and PowerPoint 2008 for Microsoft Windows and Mac respectively. Presentations made using PowerPoint normally utilizes what is referred to as slides. These slides can be compared to individual pages and could contain text, images or videos which can be arranged in any way on the slides.

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As much as text, images and videos can be arranged in any preferred manner, PowerPoint utilizes the use of the ‘Slide Master’ to provide a consistent presentation. The presentation made on PowerPoint can then be viewed on a computer, printed or display using a projector for large audiences. The main movements in PowerPoint are entrance, emphasis, exit, transitions and custom animation. Movements such as entrance, exit and emphasis on a slide are controlled by Custom Animations. The general presentation design could be controlled through the use of a master slide while the general structure could be edited by the use of an outliner.

Depending on what a presentation is about, one could choose from an array of themes that come with the PowerPoint program or download one from the internet. These themes are usually used for the background of the presentation. When an individual chooses to download a theme from the Internet they need to be aware of any royalty restrictions or fees that could be attached to these themes to avoid any legal complications. PowerPoint presentations have been known to utilize many bullet points. This is because Microsoft PowerPoint usually has a default layout which automatically creates bullet points on a new slide.

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The bullet point layout is not the only layout available on PowerPoint and there are several other layouts that one could experiment with to find out which one best suit their presentation needs. These layouts basically present a canvas on which one can place practically anything they want so as long as it relevant to what they want to present. A user could get ideas on what to place on their layouts from virtually anywhere including billboards and magazines. This does not mean that one should copy an advert in its entirety to use on their layouts but rather that they should use the qualities that they found attractive in the advert for their layout.

Some of the common rules when it comes to designing on PowerPoint include the one that bullet points should not be excessively used. Another rule is to use colors that are in contrast to the background. The text used on the slides should be legible to everyone who is expected to be in the audience. If the presentation is professional, animations should be kept to a minimal and layouts should not be unnecessarily cluttered. Finally, all presentations should be interesting and engaging if one is to make sales, secure an account or pass some important information adequately. As with all things, perfection comes with practice, therefore, for users to be professionals at designing PowerPoint presentations, they must put in a good amount of time and effort in perfecting their use of PowerPoint.