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Quick Office HD Pro for Android and iPad

February 13, 2012 / Blog Android Market, Facebook, Quick Office, Twitter

Quick Office HD Pro is an iPhone and iPad application that recently was also available in the Android Market. With iPad Presentation Application like Quick Office you can get full control of creating and editing PowerPoint presentations. Also you can format presentations and share documents online including spreadsheets, text documents and presentations.


With this application it is also possible to connect to other services and share presentations online for example using DropBox and Mobile Me. There is also possible to use Huddle or SugarSync, EverNote, Catch and Google Docs to share the presentations online.

Latest version also added a feature to share the presentations in social networks like Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook and Slideshare. You can download a free version in the market but there is a full paid version with lot of other functionalities.


Scribd and Docstoc integration is also supported and you can also share with Microsoft Office files. If you ware looking for iPad applications to run your presentations this Quick Office application is an essential tool that you can download for productivity. This is a good alternative to PowerPoint in your smartphone device or tablet.