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3 Ingredients to Serve a Great Presentation Feast

November 26, 2015 / Blog powerpoint ingredients, presentation feast, presentation tips, Rick Enrico, SlideGenius, thanks giving, Thanksgiving, thanksgiving dinner


On Thanksgiving Day, let’s all take time to remember one tool that got us our great business partners: the PowerPoint presentation.

Without it, and applications like it, we would all have a significantly harder time making all our sales pitches visually appealing.

We could even say that your slide deck is like the turkey of every Thanksgiving dinner: It’s what everyone sees first. This is why we need to take some time to prepare it carefully.

Just like how no one wants to eat half-baked turkey, no one wants to see a slide with unreadable walls of text. It won’t do your company any favors, and will just paint your brand in a negative light.

Think of how you invite guests over for dinner. It’s the same when coming to your client’s boardroom and giving the pitch.

If you want them to bite into your proposal, you need to give them something that makes them hungry for a partnership with you.

And the key to that lies in your presentation.

Gather what information you can about your company, your products and benefits, or even stories of how you built your company.

Think of it as, considering what to prepare for your dinner guests – know what dish works for whom you’ll be serving.

Once you do, study your client’s problems and how you can best solve them. Warm them up to your pitch by giving them an offer that’s hard to resist.

Adding images that best illustrate how your proposal works will also solidify what you want to give them.

Try to invest in more time building your slide decks. After all, they’re one of the first things you offer for your potential investors.

Consider using a recipe you may not have tried before – it could make your audience crave for more.

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