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Professional PowerPoint is Key to Generating Revenue

August 26, 2009 / Blog audience, presentation

When PowerPoint is used properly, it will definitely result in increased revenues for an individual or a firm. If the potential clients are suitably impressed by the presentation, they would definitely want to invest in or purchase what was being presented. PowerPoint has a variety of design templates which when used adequately can really boost the sales or earnings of an individual and company in general. A presentation using PowerPoint templates should not only be interesting. It should also be engaging in that whoever is viewing the presentation will not quickly lose interest. A good PowerPoint presentation should also be one that is not too technical and can easily be understood.

There are several ways that an individual can make their PowerPoint presentation as professional as possible. This not only involves getting rid of unnecessary details. It also means ensuring that the information is maintained and understood the way the presenter intended it to be understood. One of these ways is to first make sure that the theme that one is using is cleared of all royalty fees and restrictions. This is especially the case for themes that have been downloaded form certain sites. Adequate research should be carried out before an individual makes a presentation using a downloaded theme only for them to be caught in legal battles later.
Once the matter of the legality of the theme has been cleared, you can now go about designing the presentation in the best way you can. When doing this, there are certain things that should be avoided. On top of this list is bullet overload. Many people use bullets in an effort to shorten the message yet maintain the intended message. A user does not need to use a bullet for every point that they want to put across. In any one slide, a maximum of three bullets would be adequate in conveying a message. The phrases captured in these bullets should be short but should capture the message. The presenter can then expound on the issue highlighted in the phrase.

Another thing to avoid when making a professional PowerPoint presentation is excessive sound effects. While this might be appropriate when educating children so that they do not lose concentration, it is highly unsuitable for professional presentations. Overdoing certain slide and sound effects would distract the audience from the message. When such effects are used, most people would generally assume that the presenter was not well prepared and they are hoping to impress the audience with such antics rather than expose their lack of preparation. The templates that are being used should also be minimized to avoid distracting the audience further.

It’s important to note that it’s not a must to use slides for every aspect of the presentation. There is information that is well received when one opts to discuss it with the audience rather than include it in the presentation. As much as text or images are effective in conveying certain messages it is not advisable to use too much of any one of these. Using too much text tends to be boring while using too many images will tire out the audience as they try to figure out what all those images represent. All in all, it is advisable to learn the basics of Microsoft PowerPoint before going for a presentation to avoid embarrassing situations when something fails to work out. Excellent PowerPoint presentations will definitely increase your revenue.