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Themes: Customizing a Prezi That’s Unique to Your Presentation

October 16, 2014 / Blog, Lessons, Rick Enrico Blog, Tips & Tricks custom themes, presentation design, Prezi Feature of the Week, prezi themes, prezi tutorial

We often emphasize the importance of design in delivering presentations. For this week’s Prezi Feature, learn how to create a Prezi that’s unique to your presentation. By customizing your Prezi themes, you can create visuals that perfectly match your message. 

By now, audiences are used to seeing the same presentation decks over and over again. If you really want to leave a lasting impression, you need to think outside the box and get creative. Prezi is a flexible tool that allows you to do just that. With Prezi, you can take control of your narrative and focus on every detail of your presentation. Best of all, you can easily create unique designs that will surely enhance the audience’s visual experience.

Customizing Your Deck

Customize Prezi themes quickly and without much hassle. Beginners will find it easy to come up with their own designs. With just a few clicks, you can add your own background image and change font types. Advanced users also have the option to take their designs even further.

Place your content on the Prezi canvas. Once you’re happy with how everything looks, you can start customizing your theme. Click on Customize from the top menu to access the customization sidebar.

prezi themes 08

Choose a predefined theme that suits your design concept.  To make sure that your prezi theme is one of a kind, scroll down and click the “Advanced” option to open the Theme Wizard. Here are a few tips to create Prezi themes that are unique to your presentation:

prezi themes 05

Change colors using RGB codes

prezi themes 09

You can customize colors by using RGB codes. You can use this site to learn the code that corresponds to a certain color. Copy the code from the site and then paste it to the RGB fields in the Prezi Theme Wizard.

Use the CSS editor to define more details

prezi themes 03

If you’re familiar with HTML, you can open the Prezi CSS Editor to add more details. Use CSS to adjust different things on your prezi theme. You can edit each element in your prezi canvas, like customizing the frames and changing the look of particular shapes. You can also use the CSS editor to define more font types and further enhance your color palette. You can take a look at this CSS crash course to learn more.

Add a background image

prezi themes 04

A background image can also add another dimension to your Prezi themes. Simply choose an image from your computer and upload it to Prezi. If the file size is too big, Prezi will automatically resize the image for you.

Save your theme for future use

prezi themes 07

After achieving your desired theme, don’t forget to save it for future use. This will be helpful for occasions when you don’t have much time to prepare for your next presentation.

Give your audience a unique visual experience. Take the extra step to customize your Prezi themes and create a design that perfectly matches your content.


Featured Image: Featured Image: Death to the Stock Photo / Prezi logo via Wikimedia Commons