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The Path to a Perfect Prezi Story

October 9, 2014 / Blog, Lessons, Rick Enrico Blog, Tips & Tricks non-linear transitions, path tool, presentation design, Presentations, prezi, Prezi Feature of the Week, Prezi Path Tool

Stories unfold in different ways. Whether in movies or presentations, some stories need to move in different directions to deliver its core message. For this week’s “Prezi Feature,” learn more about Prezi’s path tool to ensure that your presentation unfolds exactly how you want it to. 

How do you tell your presentation story? Most prefer a straightforward delivery of the facts. They introduce one element, and then move on to the next. The story is told in a neat and orderly sequence, which is simple and easy to follow. But what if your story begs to be told in a different way? How do you tell your story then?

Luckily, Prezi is a flexible presentation tool that allows you to stray off the beaten path of linear narration. Do you need to show the bigger picture? Or do you want to zoom in to show the details? Do you want to visualize how your project is similar to an uphill journey? Whatever the case, you can use the path tool to create your own transitions and reveal the elements of your presentation in a way that suits the story.

Here’s a closer look at the path tool, with some tips and tricks to help you out:

Connecting the dots

After arranging your content, it’s time to define the path of your prezi. Click on the Edit Path button at the bottom of the left sidebar, then start selecting frames in the order you want them to appear. It’s like playing “connect the dots.” You connect different elements together to create a complete and seamless picture.

Prezi Path Tool 01

If you make a mistake, you can simply re-arrange the frames on the sidebar. Just click on the thumbnail you want to move and drag it up or down the path. Likewise, if you want to remove a frame, just hover over the thumbnail and click the red X.

Prezi Path Tool 04


Presenting the full view

Aside from transitioning from frame to frame, you can also present the full view of your prezi. In other words, you get to show the “big picture.” This is helpful if you’re presenting a mind map, or if you’re using a particular visual metaphor to emphasize your message. As you edit the path, hover over the right side of the screen and click on the “home” button that appears.

Prezi Path Tool 03

When the entire prezi fills your screen, click on Add to current view and include it to your path.

Prezi Path Tool 06


Focusing on the details

To give your audience the entire story, you also need to zoom in and show the intricate details. Any object in your canvas can be added directly to the path. Add any text, image or video, even if they’re already inside a frame.

Prezi Path Tool 07

You can also add multiple elements at a time. All you need to do is group them together using an Invisible Frame before you edit the path. From the left sidebar, change frame type to Invisible and drag it over the objects you want to group. Simply drag the corners to resize the invisible frame and make everything fit.

Prezi Path Tool 08


The best way to illustrate how the path tool works is to see it in action. View this prezi, then observe how non-linear transitions can add a unique and interesting dimension to your presentation. The path tool gives you absolute freedom to create a full-bodied and intricate story.

So how do you tell your presentation story? Set the path and tell it in any way you like.



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Featured Image: Featured Image: Death to the Stock Photo / Prezi logo via Wikimedia Commons