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Presentation Tips: How to End on the Right Note

July 22, 2014 / Blog, Insight, Presentation concluding a presentation, conclusion, ending, presentation tips

The conclusion of your presentation is as equally important as the beginning. You need to maintain the favorable impression you created at the start until the very end. This final impression may just be the one people take home with them when they consider whether or not they’ll invest in your brand. At the same time, consistency is an admirable trait in any pitch.

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You can’t just thank your audience and be done with it. You need to make an impact and be memorable.

These are a few presentation tips to keep in mind to make sure you’re concluding on the right note:

1. Summarize and repeat your main points

Repeating your main points is the best way to ensure that your audience will remember the most important parts of your presentation. Your conclusion starts with a quick summary of your presentation with a repetition of the most important sound bites.

2. End your story

Stretch your story throughout your presentation and end it as you conclude your presentation for maximum impact. You’ll see this done all the time in TED presentations. Try to observe how TED speakers neatly tie the story together at the end of a presentation.

3. Interact with the audience

While it may not be appropriate in some settings, you can use the conclusion of your presentation to elicit audience interaction. Allow them to ask questions or share their opinions. To make it feel a bit more organic, you can orchestrate a poll that’s related to your topic at hand.

4. Pose a challenge

Lastly, it’s important to challenge to your audience through a call-to-action. Pose a challenge with a thought-provoking question that will encourage them to reflect on what you’ve shared. As demonstrated by The New York Times‘ David Pogue, if you did your job right throughout your presentation, this question will keep the backchannel discussions going long after you step down the podium.

It’s important that your presentation’s message rings true until the very end. People are swamped by hundreds of presentations in various forms every day. Make sure yours stands out with an interesting conclusion that will get them thinking long after you’ve stepped off the podium.

Want people to invest in your brand? Keep these presentation tips in mind and you’re sure to create a significant impact on your audience.

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Featured Image: Benny Lin via Flickr