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Presentation Tip: The Power of Voice Projection

July 29, 2015 / Blog

An effective presentation isn’t measured by how loudly you speak. Speaking too loudly distracts your audience because it’s noise that hinders successful communication. Projecting your voice means speaking clearly and confidently.

This gives your audience the impression that you’re capable of holding a one-on-one conversation, a group meeting or a speech in front of a crowd.

How Your Voice Influences Your Pitch

Your voice dictates whether your speech is powerful or not.

If you speak loudly, you’ll be regarded as a confident person with a strong personality. If you’re soft-spoken, others view you as shy or quiet.

This is why voice projection and word articulation work hand-in-hand.

Consider these three elements of voice projection for your next sales pitch:

1. Personality

To be yourself is letting your audience feel the real “you.”

Showing your true self makes them feel that you’re reliable. Thus, what you say becomes more authentic to them.

Your voice also reflects part of your personality as you reveal your personal experiences.

Don’t try to project someone else’s voice. Your life – and you – are unique. Use this to your advantage.

2. Passion

Anyone can make a speech without being passionate about it.

Passion differs from the message you’re conveying. If you don’t know why you’re planning for your presentation, it means you lack passion.

Imagine how professional actors project and deliver their lines naturally yet powerfully.

Bring your passion into your presentation to make your voice heard.

3. Strong Vocal Physique

Deep breathing helps people feel at ease. This is a breathing technique that produces a resonant voice, similar to how singers use their diaphragm, the muscle used for breathing.

Take a few deep breaths before speaking. Once you’re relaxed and comfortable, you can speak more naturally and with power. This technique takes some practice since it involves the use of air. By breathing deeply, you can produce strong vocal tones without shouting, helping you speak better without getting tired.


It’s not just what you say, but how you say it that can convince clients to work with you.

Combine your personality, passion and strong vocal physique to sound more powerful in your sales presentations. Practice, practice, practice to master voice projection.

Speak with full confidence and clarity to land those business deals.


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