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4 Reasons You Should Smile More During Your Presentation

June 17, 2015 / Blog

They say it takes forty-three muscles to frown and only seventeen to smile.

Smiling not only keeps us physically and emotionally healthy, but also improves our public speaking.

Display a positive and relaxed mood during your presentation to better handle unexpected events like negative feedback and tough questions.

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How Smiling Helps

According to public speaking coach, Denise Graveline, a smile has numerous benefits. It shows that you’re passionate about giving your presentation. Smiling also builds trust and rapport as it reveals that you appreciate your audience’s presence.

As a presenter, your goal is to connect with your audience while delivering your message. Smiling before you present increases your chances of capturing their attention and engaging them. Take advantage of this body language form to reach your presentation’s highest potential.

Here’s four more reasons you should smile while delivering your speech:

It makes us feel better.

Smiling helps you feel more comfortable and reduces your tension, especially when you’re nervous about delivering your speech. Since it’s contagious, it attracts a positive atmosphere that allows for an engaging discussion.

It hides your true emotions.

Smiling masks your nervous feelings, making you more optimistic.

They say that smiling more can change how you’re actually feeling at that moment, helping you forget any uneasy feelings.

It shows confidence.

Smiling boosts your confidence, making the audience see you as competent and attractive. A strong tone of voice also makes them view you positively.

It increases audience involvement.

Prioritize your audience’s needs. Since your presentation is all about meeting their expectations, your goal is to engage them and make them feel that they’re involved.

Smiling builds positive relationships and gives you the confidence to establish eye contact with them.

Seal It with a Smile

Smiling is one of your greatest assets as a presenter. It’s beneficial for you and your audience because it offers a positive aura, shows confidence, hides fear, as well as increases involvement.

To craft an effective presentation, let our SlideGenius experts help you out.

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