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PowerPoint Keyboard Shortcuts to Make Your Life Easier

September 10, 2014 / Blog, PowerPoint Tips powerpoint keyboard shortcuts, Powerpoint tips

Using PowerPoint doesn’t have to be complicated. If you take the time to learn as much as you can, you’ll quickly become a PowerPoint expert. One thing you can try is to learn several keyboard shortcuts. In the past, we discussed combinations you can use to help create your slide. But there are also several shortcut to help you facilitate your presentation.

Compiled by Guiding Tech, use these shortcuts and combinations to navigate through your deck without using your mouse:

Basic slideshow keyboard shortcuts

These shortcuts allow you to perform basic PowerPoint functions during your presentation:

  • To start slideshow, press F5
  • To move on to the next slide or animation sequence, press either N, Right Arrow, or Spacebar
  • To return to the previous slide, press either P, Left Arrow, or Backspace
  • To jump to a specific slide, press the slide number + Enter 
  • To exit slideshow, press ESC
  • To stop or restart an automatic presentation, press S
  • To show hidden slide, press H
  • To blackout the screen, press either B or Period (.)
  • To show a blank white screen, press either W or Comma (,)
  • To zoom in to a slide, press CTRL + Plus (+)
  • To zoom out of a slide, press CTRL + Dash (-)
Hyperlink keyboard shortcuts

Use these shortcuts to access a hyperlink on your slide:

  • To select a link, press TAB
    (If you have several links in a single slide, continue pressing TAB until you reach the one you want to access)
  • To return to a previous link, press SHIFT + TAB
  • To open a hyperlink, press ENTER
Keyboard shortcuts for Pointer Options

Use these shortcuts to enable the use of a pen or pointer during your presentation:

  • To enable Pen, press CTRL + P
  • To enable Laser, press CTRL + L
  • To enable Arrow, press CTRL + A
  • To enable Highlighter, press CTRL + I
  • To erase notes made with pen or highlighter, press CTRL + E
  • To hide pointer, press CTRL + H
Keyboard shortcuts for media files 

These shortcuts allow you to control media files you have on your deck:

  • To play or pause a file, press ALT + P
  • To stop, press ALT + Q
  • To increase volume, press ALT + Up Arrow
  • To decrease volume, press ALT + Down Arrow
  • To fast-forward, press ALT + SHIFT + Right Arrow
  • To rewind, press ALT + SHIFT + Left Arrow
  • To enable or disable mute, press ALT + U

Use these PowerPoint keyboard shortcuts to deliver your presentations with ease. Learn more PowerPoint tips to make your presentation experience easier by reading our previous blog entries.


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Featured Image: John Ward via Flickr