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What is a PowerPoint Karaoke?

February 13, 2012 / Blog Battle Decks, Berlin, stage fright, Zentralle Intelligenz Agentur

When we talk about PowerPoint Karaoke, or Battle Decks, we are referring to a new form of Karaoke where people don’t just sing songs. It is based on a PowerPoint presentation, projected on a screen to a group of participants. The images are totally random and it sometimes doesn’t make any sense.

Participants will have to explain what appears on the screen, even if it’s absurd. The objective of this game is not just hanging out, it’s a simple and funny way to improve our rhetorical skills and use it in our own PowerPoint works.  This helps you to avoid the problem of making boring presentations, where people just read what appears on the screen without explaining any ideas or important concepts of what they’re talking about.

It also can be used as an exercise for actors who need to improve their improvisational skills. It also helps you to lose stage fright.

This curious game was presented at a Berlin conference named Zentralle Intelligenz Agentur in 2006, and supposed a total success. Nowadays, it is used in a lot of group dynamics, companies and camps.