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11 Online Marketing Tools to Help Reinforce Your Strategy

August 28, 2014 / Blog, Keeping Up with the Clients, Rick Enrico Blog, Tips & Tricks content marketing, marketing resources, online marketing tools

With the technology available today, it’s not hard to reach out to potential clients and customers. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a veteran or a newbie. There are plenty of opportunities to engage and build meaningful relationships with your prospects online. If you couple hard work with the bevy of online marketing tools available, you’re sure to reach the top of your game.

Want to make sure your strategy is working for you? Try these online marketing tools to help optimize your efforts.

Connecting with prospects


online marketing tools - hootsuiteHootSuite allows you to access all of your profiles in one dashboard, saving you from the pain of having to log in and out of multiple sites all the time. You can also make cross posts and schedule them to go out during a specific date and time.


mc_googleSend content directly to your prospects’ inbox with an email subscription tool. MailChimp has over a dozen features to guide you from start to finish. You can use templates for your content, manage contacts, and deliver your newsletters at the most optimal time.


Creating and sharing content

Infogram-0Internet users love visual content, so make sure your online marketing efforts are focused on that. Use to create your own infographics and charts. Start from scratch or use a template to illustrate your ideas.


800px-Prezi_logo_transparent_2012.svgPrezi is a great PowerPoint alternative. You can easily add text and images to any template you choose. What sets it apart is the zooming animation for non-linear transitions. Best of all, it’s a cloud-based program. You can create and edit presentations as you have an Internet connection.


Slideshare-logoWe’ve talked a lot about SlideShare in the past. It’s one of the most famous presentation-sharing sites on the web. Aside from presentation decks, you can also upload infographics and documents on the site. This is perfect for sharing informative content and vital information.


YouTube-avatar-generic (1)You might think that YouTube is just a place for fun and entertainment, but it’s actually a great place to share presentations and other video content. YouTube is especially strategic for content marketing efforts because it’s the source of 19% of web traffic.


Tracking information and doing research

Google Analytics

online tools - google analyticsIf you want to see if your online marketing efforts are working, Google Analytics is a great place to start. This tool monitors your website’s traffic and where it all comes from. The data collected is illustrated using a graph for easy interpretation.

Google Trends

Google_TrendsWhen communicating with prospects, it’s important to share information that’s relevant and up-to-date. Google Trends allows you to see which topics are trending. You can also use it to check the search volume for a certain keyword to improve your SEO efforts.


online tools - buzzsumoDo you want to know how many times your content has been shared on different social media platforms? You can use BuzzSumo to check your own domain, or search for top content under a specific topic. You can also find out who the most influential authors are.


Organizing ideas and managing projects


icon_340Evernote is a great tool for keeping track of things you need to do. Use it to take down notes, make lists, and organize ideas for your marketing campaign. You can also use it to store and collect anything that inspires you—from articles you find online to an ad you see on the sidewalk.


Mavenlink_logoA lot of online marketing efforts involve collaboration. Use a tool that will help you keep everyone on the right track. Mavenlink has plenty of features for that. You can assign tasks, share and receive files, and even keep track of deadlines. Most importantly, it has a detailed budget management system to keep track project expenses.


Increase your impact to engage prospects and gain more leads. Use these online marketing tools to make sure your strategy remain on point.


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