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Microsoft PowerApps: A Cloud-Based Business App Solution

December 2, 2015 / Blog app creation, app development, cloud technology, cloud-based app, database management, file management, Microsoft PowerApps, powerapps, presentation management

Anybody who’s ever run a company knows the hassle of storing different kinds of data in all sorts of file management systems. Things are further complicated by how difficult it can be to try accessing one type of file in different apps.

To address the increasing demands of business apps, as well as the high demand for skilled mobile developers, Microsoft is now offering an ambitious solution: in-house app creation.

App Creation for Everyone

Microsoft recently unveiled PowerApps, a new service which links together cloud-based services like Office 365, Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, Dropbox, OneDrive and on-premise apps. You can use it to create customized apps that will connect data stored in various systems, creating smoother workflows depending on your business needs.

Create, connect, and share apps within your company’s team using any device. The highly graphical interface and templates make it easy to build an app in only a few clicks. Developers can rest assured that web and mobile apps adhere to high-security standards, allowing for additional APIs to any existing business system for app creation.

You can see how the process works for yourself by checking out this new feature on the PowerApps website.

What Microsoft PowerApps Means for Your Company

PowerApps empowers those who lack technical knowledge by making app creation easy and accessible. Due to its user-friendly interface, absolutely anyone can create these customized apps for their business needs, all without needing to learn how to code.

As a result, employees and developers can use this service to work together more efficiently. The easier access to data also speeds up communication between teams, so a business with an integrated network delivers solutions faster.

With this new release from Microsoft, it’s clear that we’re moving more towards cloud-based technology, and not just ones we subscribe to, but ones we can create as well.



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