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Limitations of an In-House Presentation Design Team

March 31, 2023 / Blog

Across business sizes and industries, PowerPoint presentations have become—and continuously remain to be—a powerful tool for communicating ideas, concepts, and information. More and more companies invest in in-house presentation design teams to ensure their message is delivered effectively and efficiently. However, while having an in-house design team can have advantages, it also has limitations.

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Let’s explore the limitations when companies rely solely on an in-house presentation design team.

Limited creativity and diversity

In-house design teams can become complacent or stagnant, leading to a lack of exposure to new and diverse trends and ideas. Moreover, team members may develop tunnel vision and narrow thinking, resulting in designs that may not resonate with a broader audience.

Outsourcing presentation design to an external agency can provide fresh and diverse perspectives and a wide range of design options.

Cost and scalability

Maintaining an in-house presentation design team can be expensive, and scaling it up or down can be challenging. If the team is not fully utilized, there is also the potential for idle time and wasted resources.

Outsourcing presentation design to external agencies can be a more cost-effective solution. External agencies have a larger pool of resources and expertise that can be scaled up or down, as needed, to meet a company’s presentation design requirements.

Limited expertise and resources

An in-house presentation design team may have limited expertise required to design effective presentations for different business sectors. Moreover, having a small team with limited resources can hinder the quality of work.

Limitations in expertise and resources can lead to team burnout and turnover, causing more challenges for other team members and ultimately, the company. 

Design agencies have the expertise and resources needed to create compelling presentations. Therefore, outsourcing presentation design to an external agency with proven expertise in handling projects for companies from different industries is a strategic move.

Inability to meet varying demands

In-house teams may struggle to meet varying demands for different types of presentations, leading to delays or subpar results. More so, they may be overwhelmed by sudden or unexpected demands that require additional resources or expertise.

Presentation design agencies have more extensive resources and expertise that can be tapped into to meet varying requirements. They can also provide a wider range of design and creative services, including content development, training, and PowerPoint support.

Hiring a presentation design agency

When considering outsourcing presentation design, you should choose the suitable one for your business. The agency should have a proven track record of producing high-quality, high-impact presentations and be able to work within your budget and timeline.

Also, consider the agency’s experience working with companies in your industry. Furthermore, a reputable presentation design agency should offer a range of creative services to meet other design requirements you may have.

In-house presentation design teams may have several limitations that can hinder them from producing high-quality, impactful presentations. Thus, partnering with a presentation design company can provide fresh and diverse perspectives, access to a pool of creatives and the latest design tools, and ensure high-quality output.

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