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Images for PowerPoint: 5 Tips to Improve Your Design

August 27, 2014 / Blog, PowerPoint Design, Rick Enrico Blog, Tips & Tricks images for powerpoint, pictures, PowerPoint Design, presentation design

Your presentation will stand out if you know which images work best for your PowerPoint design. It’s not enough to decorate your slides with things you find aesthetically pleasing. The images you use should also advance the message you’re delivering.

Today’s fast-paced world has morphed into a “multimedia environment.” Join the visual revolution with powerful and relevant images for PowerPoint designs. If you think this is easier said than done, we’ve compiled 5 practical tips to help you out.

Follow these 5 tips when choosing images for PowerPoint:

images for PowerPoint collage

Tip 1: Know where you can find good images

To find good images for PowerPoint, look for a great source. Thankfully, the Internet has plenty of sites to choose from.

Flickr is always the first thing that comes to mind. It has an easy-to-use search engine that allows you to narrow down your search by copyright license. You can also try Shutterstock or Depositphotos for royalty-free stock photos. Both websites organize images by category, so it won’t be hard to find something that suits the theme of your presentation.  We’ve covered other great sources in the past. You can review our top choices here.

Tip 2: Look for photos that are simple yet interesting

Images for PowerPoint should have impact. This doesn’t mean you have to select pictures with intricate details. Simplicity has the potential to be powerful, especially if it has something that can quickly attract attention.

Move past images that are too common or literal. From the photos that appear in the search results, look for the ones that tell a story or depict a strong emotion. Also remember the importance of white space. Choose an image that isn’t crowded with visual elements. Go with something that allows your audience to focus on one thing.

Regardless of what type of image you choose, make sure it’s high-resolution. This is crucial if you’re presenting your PowerPoint deck through a projector or any large screen.

Tip 3: Find pictures that echo your brand story

Your PowerPoint deck is an extension of your brand. Similarly, your own deck should reflect your brand story and personality. Think about the qualities that make your brand unique, and allow that to dictate the feel of your PowerPoint design.

For example, a long-running luxury brand like Chanel might use filtered images that evoke elegance and nostalgia. Review your other marketing materials to find inspiration. Read our previous post to learn more about integrating your brand in PowerPoint slides.

Tip 4: Choose images that work together

Images for PowerPoint designs should also work together to deliver your message. Aside from being related to the topic you’re presenting, all the images in your deck should be visually cohesive.

For example, make use of only black and white pictures throughout your presentation. You can also opt for cute illustrations instead of realistic images. Whatever you decide, make sure the images you choose create some sort of unity when placed together.

Tip 5: Utilize photo-editing tools

Photoshop is always a great option for those already familiar with the mechanics of photo enhancement. For beginners, there are plenty of alternative online tools to try out. In particular, PicMonkey has an interface that’s straightforward and easy to figure out.

If you want to save time, you can also do some basic editing right on PowerPoint. Make corrections, adjust color balance and add artistic effects. Review our tutorial to learn more.

Powerful visuals are important to the success of any presentation. Images for PowerPoint should contribute to driving home key points. Take note of these five tips for a design that will deliver your message clearly.


Featured Image: Incase/Will Calcutt via Flickr