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How to Command Charisma in Presentations Like a Magic Spell

October 29, 2015 / Blog charisma, charismatic performance, Halloween, likeability, magic, passion, Rick Enrico, SlideGenius

If you want to win all types of audiences from start-up professionals to higher-ups, you might need a little magic to make them like you. But having a charismatic presenting style is like casting a spell on your listeners. It keeps your audience in the palm of your hand, making it easier to get your message across.

This public speaking magic creates a winning impression, fostering new business relationships. Here’s how to develop a charismatic speaking style:

Be Friendly

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Presenters who are naturally friendly can effortlessly charm people. So the next time you deliver a speech, work on increasing your charm rating. Making yourself look approachable and interesting opens up great opportunities for social interaction.

The simple acts of smiling and narrating common experiences can add some lightness to your talk. Small courtesies and good manners like saying, “thank you,” and maintaining a professional reaction towards negative feedback also add a more congenial feel to your business presentations.

Be Enthusiastic

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Charm without both passion and compassion isn’t magical at all. Losing these two powerful principles ruins the whole point of a charismatic performance. Combine your intended message with the desire to meet your audience’s needs.

Feed potential clients with benefits and useful information to establish a likeable image. Show them that you’re passionate about your topic. Don’t just read your slide content out loud. Instead, learn your message by heart to communicate it effectively.

Be Authentic

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Imitating other people’s body language and speaking style can make you lose your authenticity. According to management trainer, Eric Garner, it’s best to be yourself. You may not be liked by everyone, but audiences generally appreciate seeing your real self shine through. After all, you can’t fault a speech that comes from a sincere place.

It’s not always about seeking perfection. Vulnerability can also create deeper connections and more effective engagement with others. Discover the real you and make your speech your own.

Make Them Like You

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Commanding charisma in presentations is like magic. It boosts your professional image and brings you closer to your audience. The trick to creating chemistry relies on three core points: show genuine friendliness, express enthusiasm, and embrace authenticity.

Follow these tips to enchant your audience with a magical performance!


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