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How Poorly Designed Slides Can Upstage Your Message

February 4, 2023 / Blog

Presentations are an important tool for conveying information and ideas to an audience. Slides play a crucial role in this process, serving as visual aids that support and reinforce the speaker’s message.

However, poorly designed slides can detract from the effectiveness of the presentation and even upstage the message being conveyed.

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In this blog, we’ll know how to avoid common pitfalls in slide design and create presentations that effectively communicate their intended message.

The benefits of good slide design

Good slide design has numerous benefits that can enhance the effectiveness of a presentation and make a lasting impact on the audience.

Some of the key benefits of good slide design include the following:

Enhancing your message

Make your message more memorable and impactful by designing your slides intelligently.

Effective slide design helps clarify complex concepts and make them easier to understand. This can be especially helpful when presenting technical or abstract ideas that may be difficult for some members of the audience to grasp.

Use visual elements that support and reinforce the key points of your presentation to ensure that your message sticks with your audience long after the presentation is over.

Engaging your audience

Good slide design helps capture and hold your audience’s attention.

Break up long or dense blocks of text to make the presentation more visually appealing and easier to follow.

Moreover, using eye-catching and relevant visuals can keep your audience engaged and focused on the content of your presentation.

Improving overall presentation impact

Make your presentation more effective and persuasive by ensuring that your slides are well-designed.

Through visuals that support your message and engage your audience, you can create a presentation that is more impactful and memorable.

In addition, effective slide design helps project a professional image and convey credibility to your audience. This can be especially important when presenting in a business or academic setting.

Poor design choices upstaging the message

Some of the most common poor design choices that can negatively impact a presentation include the following:


Overcrowding slides with too much information can make them cluttered and difficult to read. This can detract from the impact of the presentation and make it harder for the audience to follow along.

Moreover, overcrowded slides can be visually unappealing and make the presentation appear unprofessional.

Too many fonts and colors

Using multiple fonts and colors makes slides cluttered and unprofessional, affecting the impact and clarity of the presentation.

Consistent use of a limited color palette and font style creates a professional look that supports the content.

Poor use of images and graphics

Poorly chosen or placed images and graphics can detract from the presentation’s impact and clarity.

Appropriate use of images and graphics can clarify complex concepts.

Unreadable texts

Small or hard-to-read text makes the presentation difficult to follow, lowering retention and impact.

Clear, legible text in an appropriate size helps the audience follow and retain information.

Poor content organization

Poor organization of content makes the presentation hard to follow and undermines its impact.

Effective content organization supports the intended message and enhances the presentation’s flow.

Avoiding poor design pitfalls

To create slides that support your message and engage your audience, consider the following tips for effective slide design:

Keep it simple

Maintaining a simple and clean design can make your presentation look professional and easy to follow.

Limit the amount of information on each slide to avoid clutter and ensure that the audience can focus on the key points.  Moreover, Use a consistent color palette and font style throughout the presentation to create a cohesive look.

Use images and graphics effectively

Select images and graphics that enhance the content of the presentation and support the message.

Ensure that the placement of images and graphics is effective in enhancing the flow and impact of the presentation. Remember to avoid overloading slides with too many images or graphics, as this can make the presentation appear cluttered and overwhelming.

Make text legible

Use clear, legible text in a font size that is appropriate for the audience and the presentation setting.

Avoid using text that is too small or in a difficult-to-read font, as this can make it hard for the audience to understand. Furthermore, ensure that the text is placed in a way that is easy to read and does not detract from the images or graphics on the slide.

Organize content effectively

Organize the content in a way that supports the intended message and enhances the flow of the presentation.

Consider using headings, subheadings, and bullet points to make the content more structured and easy to follow.

Consider the audience

Take into consideration the needs and preferences of your audience when designing slides.

Use design elements that are appropriate for the audience and support the content of the presentation.

Consider the audience’s level of familiarity with the subject matter and adjust the design accordingly.

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Hire a presentation design agency

Hiring a presentation design agency can be a valuable investment for businesses and individuals who want to create well-designed,  professional, impactful presentations.

A presentation design agency has the expertise and experience to create slides that effectively communicate your message and engage your audience. Moreover, they can help you create a consistent and cohesive look and feel for your presentation, and ensure that the slides are well-designed and easy to follow.

Furthermore, a presentation design agency can provide valuable input on the content and structure of your presentation, helping you to effectively communicate your message and achieve your goals.

By working with a presentation design agency, you can ensure that your presentation makes the best impression on your audience and supports your message.

By following the tips for effective slide design and considering hiring a presentation design agency, you can create presentations that are engaging, impactful, and effectively communicate your intended message.