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Handy Dandy: PowerPoint, Keynote and Other Great Presentation Apps for the iPad

June 11, 2014 / Blog, Features, Tools apple, iOS, ipad, powerpoint alternatives, presentation apps

Sometimes, you’re going to have to prep for presentations without much notice. You might even have to do it while you’re on the go. When that happens, don’t panic. Don’t they always say that there’s an app for every problem?

In this case, there are plenty.

You can design great presentations as long as you have your iPad on hand. Here’s a quick rundown of some presentation apps available on iOS.


powerpoint app

Let’s start with the classic: PowerPoint for iPad. This app is part of the recently released Office suite for the iPad. It’s the perfect choice for users who are used to running PowerPoint in the desktop, and would like to have the same experience in their choice of presentation apps. It has all the features you’ve grown accustomed to in a streamlined interface.

You can get it for free at the App Store, although you’ll have to subscribe to Office 365 to experience it in full. You can get Office 365 at different prices. It’ll be a good investment if you prefer using the MS Office programs.


cloudon app

If you’d rather skip on the Office 365 subscription, CloudOn is a great alternative.

Technically, it’s more than just a presentation app. It allows you to access MS Office files saved on your Dropbox or Google Drive. You can also create new PowerPoint, Word, or Excel files.

When making your slides, you’ll be taken to an interface that looks and works exactly like the desktop version of the classic PowerPoint 2010.

You can get CloudOn for free, although some features are only available as in-app purchases.


keynote app

If you’re the proud owner of several Apple devices, Keynote is still your best bet. It allows you to sync your presentations through iCloud, meaning you can edit what you started on your Mac. Plus, it’s easy to use. Keynote takes full advantage of the swipe-and-slide technology that makes the iPad super convenient.

Keynote costs $9.99, but you can get it for free on any brand new iOS7 device.


prezi app

Prezi is unlike most presentation apps. It offers a little more room for creativity. You can choose from 15 templates that are different from the usual slide title + bullet points layout. You can also use photos from your Camera Roll or take new pictures while you work.

Best of all, Prezi is free at the App Store.

Haiku Deck

haikudeck app

Similar to Prezi, Haiku Deck is another app that allows for plenty of creativity. It holds a huge collection of stock images and backgrounds that you can easily access through a search function.

Bonus: For the presentation itself, you can use your iPhone as a remote control or a mini teleprompter.

Haiku Deck is free, and you can buy extra photos in the App Store.