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Custom Fonts? Add Them to Your PowerPoint Presentation!

January 14, 2021 / Articles

Custom fonts evoke emotions, making them as essential tool for PowerPoint presentation . Some fonts may portray traditional aesthetics, others modern taste, and others give communicate grace and elegance. Brands strategically utilize fonts to help visually define their overall identity. Considering fonts can express a distinct “personality” it’s important to choose one that fits well with the brand and message you want to convey.

After all, who doesn’t want to stand out? When using a unique, distinctive font, the brand gains a more nuanced personality. It becomes part of the brand as a collective. 

Employing custom fonts can help revitalize your design. Standard fonts are fine, but experimenting with different font styles can unlock new aesthetics for your PowerPoint presentation. 

Looking for Custom Fonts 

You can find a ton of custom fonts online: 

Some custom fonts may cost money. Some may even be offer limited usage, so be careful and read the fine print before using your font of choice. 

After carefully selecting your font, you’ll have to install them on your computer. Go to Control Panel > Fonts, then drag-and-drop or copy-and-paste the fonts into the Fonts Manager. Make sure the files are unzipped before you do. 

Using Custom Fonts in PowerPoint 

When you use custom fonts, there’s a possibility that PowerPoint will replace them if you share the deck with others. 

There are two ways you can avoid this: 

Try embedding the font in the presentation. PowerPoint allows this as long as the font file type is TTF or OTF. All you have to do is to click File > Option > Save, and then check the box that says, “Embed fonts in this file.” 

Keep in mind that this will likely increase your file size, so choose “Embed only the character used in the presentation” if you need to be wary of your file size. 

Sharing the font file itself when you’re sending the deck to others provides you a means to make sure the deck can be viewed as you intend. PowerPoint will replace custom fonts with standards ones. Be careful and keep the file in an easy to find location for when you need to send it out.

Embedding Custom Fonts 

This is especially helpful when you want to share your PowerPoint via online hosting. Your audience may or may not have installed in their version of PowerPoint. But by taking this route, it can be ensured whatever font is used will appear on the audience’s end without worrying if the custom font has been installed. 

Companies with digital asset management platforms (DAMs) or learning management systems (LMS) often allow readers to view their content online. Broadcast Slide Show is a feature that lets you livestream your presentation to an online audience. 

Much like picking colors for your brand, fonts also play a huge role in representing who you are as an organization. The most important rule in picking a custom font is making sure that it’s legible, clear, and unique enough to remember.