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The 3 Characteristics of a Call to Action Slide

September 3, 2014 / Blog, Insight, PowerPoint Tips call to action slide, PowerPoint Design, Powerpoint tips

The Call to Action encapsulates the main purpose of your presentation. It’s your last opportunity to make your case and urge the audience to act on the ideas you shared. Done correctly, it will lead the audience to the outcome you’ve been aiming for.

A Call to Action slide is useful for different kinds of presentations, especially in the area of sales and marketing. It’s always important that you engage your audience with an objective they can act on.

But what exactly should a CTA contain? Here are the three characteristics of a Call to Action slide:


1. Consistent

Your Call to Action slide should be consistent with the message delivered in the rest of your presentation. To check, think of your main goal and refer to the outline or storyboard you created. Your Call to Action slide will feel disjointed and out of place if you haven’t been clear about your goals for the rest of your slides. To make sure your entire deck is coherent, try to subtly highlight your goal throughout. Don’t just do it when you reach the end.

2. Urgent

Create a Call to Action statement by keeping it short and straight to the point. Use short, simple sentences that evoke urgency. Make use of action words that invoke a sense of command. Be direct with what you want your audience to do. If you want them to sign up for a demo, go ahead and say it.

3. Eye-catching

The visuals of your Call to Action slide should be as memorable as your statement. Draw attention by using large font sizes while being mindful of white space. Take it one step further by adding icons or illustrations. As always, you should use images that are consistent with your statement and the rest of your PowerPoint presentation. Stick with the color scheme you’ve been using in your previous slides.


Your last impression is just as important as your first. Leave your presentation on a good note with an effective Call to Action slide. Keep it consistent, urgent, and eye-catching to get your message across without boring the audience.

Engage people and effectively persuade them to invest in your brand with a winning presentation.


Featured Image: Taber Andrew Bai via Flickr