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Your Brand Should Be In Your PowerPoint Designs

July 9, 2014 / Blog branding, marketing, powerpoint designs

PowerPoint is a powerful business tool, especially in marketing. If you’re presenting to potential clients or pitching to investors, your PowerPoint designs need to be consistent with your company story. Your presentations will stand out. More importantly, you’ll help your audience become more familiar with your brand. Here’s a quick lesson on how you can add branding to your PowerPoint designs, and enhance the presentation experience.

Why it’s important to upgrade your PowerPoint designs with branding

powerpoint designs-the brand formula
The formula to an effective brand. (Image by Troy Thompson)

Your brand encapsulates the entirety of your company identity. You become more accessible to your target audience because it involves a heavily visual component. It usually consists of a logo, a tagline, a specific color scheme, and distinguishable fonts, illustrations, or other graphic elements. You see this applied to your websites, social media profiles, print ads, and brochures. Why is it important to your presentations as well?

By creating PowerPoint designs that correspond to your brand, you’re helping your presentations become more distinguishable and unique. Think about how athletes would wear their country’s flag during the Olympics. Your presentations work the same way.  The content you’re delivering is a representation of your company.

Incorporating your brand to PowerPoint designs: Quick case studies

It doesn’t take an expert to incorporate your brand to your PowerPoint designs. All you need is creativity and imagination. Of course, it won’t hurt to consult with professionals, especially if you’re pressed for time. However, as long as you’re familiar with the visual components of your brand, you can definitely create slides that are adjacent to your company story.

To explain further, let’s look at some examples from the SlideGenius portfolio:

PowerPoint designs by SlideGenius 01

Logo Inspiration: This title slide is decorated with the distinguishable “X” from the Nintex logo. The blown-up “X” is also enhanced by the addition of pictures. The images chosen work well with the tagline, “Workflow for Everyone.”

PowerPoint designs by SlideGenius 02

PowerPoint designs by SlideGenius 03

Color scheme and graphic design: These slides show a color scheme that is consistent with Jubaloo’s logo.The color red is used in the second slide as a “highlight” color, which allows key points to stand out. Also, notice how the geometric effect of the box in the company logo is translated in the background of the title slide.

PowerPoint designs by SlideGenius 04 PowerPoint designs by SlideGenius 05

Overall theme: These slides for HomeClick follow the overall theme represented by the brand. Since the company is mainly concerned with home decor and improvement, the slides were designed to give it that same ‘homey’ feel. Notice how the green background is actually a pattern that looks like wallpaper, and how the title slide shows a computer on a wooden desk.

Your presentation has the power to become your best marketing tool. As long as your PowerPoint designs are on point, you can effectively spread your message to your target audience. For more inspiration, read up on how we improved our clients’ slides to give them the best foot forward.