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The Rise of Visual Revolution: Unveiling the Anti-PowerPoint Party

February 13, 2012 / Blog FPPT, presentation, Spain, Switzerland

The Anti-PowerPoint Party is a political party born in Switzerland, which wants to avoid the use of PowerPoint presentations around the world. As their leaders say, they don’t want to make MS PowerPoint a forbidden program, they just want to make companies more flexible in the use of other kind of programmes. They argue that would make the number of boring presentations decrease.

Every day, 250 millions of people in the world have to deal with lots of long and heavy presentations. As a solution, they urge employees not to simply read what they see on the screen, but to offer an entertaining and dynamic presentation. Remember that from FPPT, we can help you to make this.>

Reasons that made this political party to be born in a country like Switzerland are that It’s the easiest country for creating and joining a political group. This political party aspires to be one of the strongest political coalitions in Switzerland, expanding their power to other countries in the European Union, like Spain or France.

PowerPoint can be a very useful tool if you know how to use it. The main problem here is not the tool but the presenters instead. Trying to be a better presenter and make better PowerPoint presentations is the main goal that all of us need to achieve instead of criticizing the tool.