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Adding PowerPoint Table to Your Slide

May 17, 2014 / Blog, PowerPoint Tutorial, Tools Draw table, Insert table, PowerPoint slide, PowerPoint table

In our previous posts, we have tackled the subject of adding texts to an image. A table is simply another type of image in which you can add text. One significant difference is that a table is designed to arrange data into boxes or cells. As you may already know, a table has vertical arrangements (columns) and horizontal arrangements (rows).

The columns usually indicate categories while the rows are often meant to specify records. In PowerPoint, tables are effective tools for presenting data. They allow you to show so much information in a limited space. If you need to add a table on one of your slides, you may do any of the following:

Insert Table

Select Insert in the main menu. Under this, the Tables option will appear. A small window will appear beside the option once you select it.

Next, drag the mouse to select the number of columns and rows your PowerPoint table needs. Shortly after this, your table will appear on the slide.


powerpoint table powerpoint table

Another option is to click the option Insert Table at the bottom of the small window right after clicking the Tables group. A dialog box will appear wherein you’ll enter the number of columns and rows in the spaces provided. table 3

Draw Table

If you need to add a more complicated type of table you may select the option Draw Table in the Tables group. Using a set of drawing tools, you can create tables that aren’t just intersecting rows and columns. What you can create is a rather complex collection of cells that extend beyond one row or column. Probably something like this:

table 4

To start, click the Tables Group and select Draw Table from the menu. The cursor will then change to a pencil icon. Drag the mouse on the slide to create a rectangle frame.

pencil 2

Releasing the mouse button will reveal a single cell table.


In the Design tab of the Table Tools, click the button Draw Table. The cursors will change back into a little pencil. It’s now time to create the cells. You will have to drag the pencil across the table to create lines. To split the table into two rows, for example, point the pencil near the left edge of the table. Click and then drag a line towards the right edge. Release the mouse button.

table 1pencil2

The Takeaway

Depending on your purpose, you may continue splitting the table into smaller cells. For each split, point the pencil at one edge and then click and drag to the other.

If you make mistakes, simply click the Eraser button (you can’t miss it as it looks like an eraser) in the Design tab and click on the line segment you want to erase. If you want to add life to your table, you may change the color or structure of your table using the options in the Design tab.