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5 Ways Television Helps Deliver Strong Sales Presentations

August 17, 2015 / Blog

Why do television commercials capture viewers’ attention in thirty seconds or less?

They turn complex ideas into simple concepts, conveying information quickly and concisely using powerful visuals.

TV advertisers know how to maximize restricted time limits, compressing jam-packed details to interpret the message through simplified texts and appropriate visuals.

When it comes to presenters, they focus on how to get their audience’s attention during introductions.

This is where the first three minutes of your performance become crucial.

It’s where your audience judges you as an individual and as a speaker.

To make a good impression, ensure that you capture their interest before you go any further into your sales presentation.

To adapt TV techniques, apply these five stages to become a more powerful and effective presenter:

1. Determine Your Objective

TV commercials become engaging and powerful especially when it comes to convincing viewers.

By using shortened ideas to convey its message, they become effective in generating interest in their audiences.

Before you craft your sales pitch or speech, don’t forget to know its purpose.

Your audience asks themselves how they can benefit from your idea. Thus, base your script on what you can offer them.

2. Develop a Catchy Opening

It’s been said that “the beginning is always the hardest.”

TV commercials are always aiming to generate interest.

As a presenter, it’s important to connect with your audience, keep them engaged, and convince them to take actions.

3. Specify Both the Problem and Its Solution

If you’ll be presenting a problem, don’t forget to provide the solution.

Like TV commercials, use visuals to illustrate something that could appeal to your audience’s emotions.

4. Use Words to Draw a Picture

Your PowerPoint slides serve only as your visual aid, not your actual script.

However, you can use words to paint a picture of a scene to your audience, allowing them to imagine what you’re describing.

Visualizing your story helps your listeners better remember the details of your presentation.

5. Incorporate a Story

This technique never gets old.

Telling a story shows human connection, allowing you to relate your story or other person’s experiences to your audience and making them feel involved as you appeal to their emotions.


Applying these techniques help you to develop a more effective presentation.

It allows you to capture your audience’s attention and leave lasting impact on them.

This increases your chances of becoming a better and more powerful presenter the next time you deliver your sales pitch.

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Featured Image: “Watch TV Camera Interview TV Human Media Man” by Broadmark on Pixabay